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Bonjour! (Hello in French)

Cannes is located in the French Riviera on the southeast corner of France. A popular tourist destination, it is known for the annual Cannes Film Festival which plays host to filmmakers, celebrities and stars of all colours and hues. The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival is also a popular festival alongwith the Yachting festival held in September. There are innumerable tourist attractions in Away from the glitz and glamour of the film festival, Cannes is a beautiful city which showcases some of the best French castles, museums and lifestyle. The St Honorat and the St Matguerite Islands add to the beauty of this busy French city and sees a horde of tourists throughout the year. Villas, designer shops, luxury hotels and plush markets are spread in numbers all over the city and lure the rich and stylish entourage of celebrities and tourists alike.   

Bonjour! (Hello in French)

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