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How to Reach SALALAH

By Air

If you are planning a trip to Salalah and looking for the best flight deals, there are several websites which will offer youinternational flight tickets. Compare the top airlines and choosethe best flight dealto Salalah. 
The main airport in Salalah is SalalahInternational Airport, which is located around 5 kilometres from the city centre. Oman Air is the main airline in the city with over 3 flights a day from Muscat, Jeddah, Sharjah, Doha and Dubai. You will also get few direct flight tickets to Salalahfrom India and other cities in Saudi Arabia, making cheap international air tickets an easy task. There are also international flights from European cities but with less frequency,twice a week. 
Special charter flights flyduring the Khareef Festival in July and August, as this is the biggest festival inSalalah.Compare from the other available airlines to Salalah that will help you to find cheapest air ticketsfrom major cities such as Dubai, Sharjah, Muscat, and Doha.
Major airports will help you finding direct flights to and from Salalahwith best flight deals. Whether you prefer a one-way-trip or round-trip, you will get the cheap flight to and from Salalahfor sure.

By Road

You can drive to Salalah from Muscat in 12 hours. The majority of the drive is through barren and dry terrain. However, there are some scenic patches that offer relief from the dry landscapes. There are few service areas on the route to Salalah. One can also drive from Dubai to Salalah. 

There are scheduled daily buses to/from other cities in Oman to Salalah. They are the cheapest mode of transportation to reach Salalah. It will take you 12 hours to reach Salalah from Muscat. There are other buses from Dubai to Salalah as well. 

By Water

There are boats that connect Salalah and Muscat. There are also some cruise ships that stop at Salalah at Raysut Harbour.

Getting Around in SALALAH

Walking Tour: Salalah is a small city in terms of tourism. As most of the places are close to each other, you can explore some parts of Salalah on foot.

By Bus: there are daily buses operate between Omani cities, and these are very cheap as compared to taxies or hired car.

By Car: For most of sights within Salalah, you can take a car on rental basis. For outside attractions you have to book a car in advance. A drive from Muscat ...

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Visa Requirements for OMAN

To enter Oman, a passport valid for at least six months is required by citizens of all countries. However, nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates do not require a visa to visit Oman, they can use their National ID cards to enter the nation. 
Additionally, any individual who has a visa or passage stamp of the Emirate of Dubai valid for no less than 21 days can also enter Oman visa-free. Same is the case for those who have a valid Qatar visa (for a...

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