10 Amazing Images of Bahrain

10 Amazing Images of Bahrain

Amazing Images of Bahrain

Bahrain is ready to join the big leagues of tourism in the Middle East. The country is slowly investing in several sectors including tourism. A thriving nightlife scene, expat population and high human development index of Bahrain are ideally suited for tourism in the Middle East. Bahrain is already a popular tourism destination for Saudi citizens who can easily enter the country without any visas. The expats will also enjoy in Bahrain as its capital Manama packs a considerable punch with nightlife, entertainment and cuisine.

Check out few amazing images of Bahrain that certainly highlight the country’s tourism.

Manama’s skyline is growing with stylish contemporary buildings against the backdrop of Persian Gulf.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Manama Skyline

Bahrain’s sunsets are truly magical.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Sunset

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Traditional Dhow boats still preserve the country’s glorious maritime past.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Dhow Boats

The 400-year-old Tree of Life still looks divine.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Tree of Life

The beautiful Al Fateh Grand Mosque is a sight to behold.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Al Fateh Mosque

The historic Gudaibiya Mosque is one of the finest examples of Islamic architecture.

Amazing Images of Bahrain_Gudaibiya Mosque

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Arad Fort still retains its old tales and glories.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Arad Fort

Bahrain Fort still preserves the ruins of the ancient Dilmun civilization.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Bahrain Fort

The traditional Bahraini houses have unique wind catcher towers.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Traditional Houses

The Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Causeway links the island country with Saudi Arabia.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Sheikh Isa Bin Causeway The colourful Galali Township is really an interesting place for photographers.

Amazing Images of Bahrain - Galali Township

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