10 Amazing Reasons to Visit England

10 Amazing Reasons to Visit England

10 Reasons to visit England - London
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England, one of the most visited countries in the world, boasts of a rich history, culture and traditions that have defined the world for the last couple of centuries. This island nation is strewn with historic castles, Roman ruins, mysterious Celtic and Nordic and pre-historic sites. Its lyrical landscapes featuring windswept beaches, scenic lakes and mountains and charming villages have served as inspiration for legendary writers and authors. The quaint medieval towns of Oxford, Cambridge and York will transport you to a bygone era. And then there are modern cities like London, Manchester, and Liverpool with their cool street art, buzzing nightlife, unlimited avenues for entertainment, dining, and happening art scene. England is also blessed with typical English traditions, a rich treasure trove of artworks and a delicious culinary scene featuring top Michelin starred restaurants and Asian restaurants. If England is on your mind and you’re wondering for specific reasons to visit the country, we’ll give you ten!

Check out 10 Amazing Reasons to Visit England!

1. Rich history and heritage

10 Reasons to visit England - Corfe Castle
Sunrise over Corfe Castle, Dorset County, England
Every nook and corner of England is dotted with medieval towns, historic monuments, Norman castles and classic palaces, pre-historic sites, Roman and Nordic ruins and World War relics. England also has its fair share of historic tales of the Norman Invasion, 100 years’ War, the English Civil War, the Battle of Waterloo, the Great Fire of London, bombing of London and many more interesting tales like the unexplained murders by Jack the Ripper. Charming and typically English towns like Oxford, Cambridge, and York are reminiscent of the English Renaissance and Victorian ascendency. READ MORE: Salsa, Cigars And Vintage Cars: 7 Amazing Cultural Experiences Of Havana!

2. Vibrant, cosmopolitan cities

10 Reasons to visit England - York
Town of York, England
We all know about London. The city had dominated the world for two centuries and continues to be a key global city for its politics, economics, culture, sports, and food. Apart from London, cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham are culturally diverse and cosmopolitan with enough attractions and activities to keep visitors interested and coming back for more! READ MORE: Football, Food And Films: London’s Must Have Experiences!

3. Stunning British coastline

10 Reasons to visit England - Jurassic Coast, Dorset, England
Poetic sunset over Jurassic Coast, Dorset County, England
The British coastline is raw, untamed, and blessed with vast wilderness. Craggy cliffs and secluded coves are intersected by pristine beaches. The white cliffs of Dover, the scenic beaches of Cornwall, the vast windswept and raw beauty of other British sea-side towns and counties like Tynemouth, Suffolk, Devon, Brighton, Kent, and Dorset. Visit any of these places to witness the stunning coastline, the breath-taking skies and laze by the sea! READ MORE: 10 Classic French Pastries And Desserts That You Must Try When In France

4. Lakes, hills, and valleys

10 Reasons to visit England - Lake Buttermere, Lake District, Cumbria, England
wooden bench with a view of Lake Buttermere, Lake District, Cumbria, England
The Lake District of England that has 19 lakes such as Windermere, Ullswater, and Buttermere, has inspired many poets, artists, and writers, including the highly revered English poet, William Wordsworth. The sparkling blue waters of lakes surrounded by green valleys and hills are among the key highlights of England tourism. The fabled beauty of Lake District draws millions of tourists and locals to its lakes, hills and valleys dotted with forests. READ MORE: Chocolates, Waffles And Fries: Indulge In Belgium’s Food And Desserts!

5. Peaceful English countryside

10 Reasons to visit England - Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, England
Beautiful Forest of Bowland, Lancashire, England
The English countryside paints a pretty picture - green rolling hills dotted with picturesque English villages, gardens and farms stretching all the way to the horizon! The lush green English countryside is ideal for relaxation and solitude. Old-fashioned English villages with their quirky traditions, pretty cottages and gardens, farmer’s markets, and amazing local festivals – what’s not to love? Head to counties like Cheshire, Lancashire, Cotswolds, Dorset, and Essex for long country walks and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful English countryside. READ MORE: 10 Must Visit Fairy Tale Castles Of Germany!

6. Seasons, colours, and landscapes

10 Reasons to visit England - Cotswold Village, Broadway, Worcestershire, England
Snowed village of Cotswold, Worcestershire, England
Weather discussion is one of the key pastimes of English gentry, but when it comes to seasons, England’s beautiful landscapes change colours and character. The summer months are bright, lush green with clear blue skies. Autumn months add shades of red, ochre, yellow and orange amidst deep blue skies. Winters are all about grey clouds, snow storms and shades of white and grey while spring brings forth the vibrant hues of flowers. READ MORE: Van Gogh, Windmills And Tulips: Explore Netherlands Through Its Museums!

7. Cricket, football, and sports

10 Reasons to visit England - Lord's Cricket Ground, London
Lord's - The Home of Cricket
When it comes to sports, England is the best place to catch some of the greatest sporting events and top players. The English Premier League is one of the most actively followed football leagues globally. Clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have huge fan following. Football originated as the working-class game in the 19th century and has become the most popular sports in the country. Cricket, the national sport of England, has a rich history and tradition as well. England’s Ashes tales are very well documented and celebrated. England is also going to be the host of 2019 Cricket World Cup! Wimbledon, the greatest grass court Grand Slam is another annual event that draws top tennis players to London in July. READ MORE: Top 10 Stunning Places To Visit In Canada

8. Delicious food and drinks

10 Reasons to visit England - Afternoon Tea
British tradition of Afternoon Tea
England may not have the cuisine to compete with the French, Spanish or Italian fare, but it can boast of a diverse culinary culture, the legacy of a rich history. Starting from the humble fish and chips to delicious chicken curries, the English cuisine has evolved a lot down the years. Today, visitors can savour culinary specialities from a wide range of Michelin starred restaurants, Asian community restaurants, food markets, and traditional English establishments. Don’t forget to indulge in the quintessential British practice of the “Afternoon Tea”, because across the country, “at half past three, everything stops for tea”. Relish some finely brewed tea along with scones, clotted cream, sandwiches and pastries! READ MORE: Beyond The Great Wall – 10 Must-Have Experiences In China

9. Destination for art lovers

10 Reasons to visit England - The National Gallery and Trafalgar Square, London
The National Gallery of London
England is a delightful destination for art lovers. Its museums document the country’s rich collection of modern and contemporary arts along with several historic paintings and sculptures. Tate Modern, is among the richest museums in the world when it comes to contemporary arts while the National Gallery boast of rich artworks by renowned masters like Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Van Gogh and many more. London is also home to some cool street art, art boutiques and galleries and several year-round exhibitions of art. READ MORE: Tourism In Sweden And Norway – Castles And Attractive Sightseeings

10. Weird English traditions

10 Reasons to visit England - Morris Dancing, England
Morris Dance, One of the most peculiar traditions of England
England has some of the most peculiar traditions on the planet. These traditions have entered the part of British folklore, culture, and customs. The annual Cheese Rolling in the Cotswolds is one such event where brave men and women tumble down a steep hillside while chasing a wheel of cheese. Then there is the annual event of Morris Dancing, where men dressed in white, dance with bells strapped to their knees and with flowers on their hats. The English eccentricity of quirky traditions includes Wife Carrying races, Tar Barrel racing, Pancake Flipping race and many more. READ MORE: Most Beautiful Palaces In The United Kingdom
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