10 Apps to Travel Like a Pro!

10 Apps to Travel Like a Pro!

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(Free on iOS and Android)

No matter where you’re travelling to, one of the prime factors of your holiday is going to be food, and that’s where Yelp comes in! With its outstanding database of restaurants, convenient filters, images, reviews, ratings, and a lot more; Yelp can pretty much help you zero in on the best place to head out for a meal, for a drink, or even for a coffee!


(Free on iOS and Android)

If there’s one app you can rely on to manage your travel like a pro, it’s got to be Tripit. This wicked app is indeed an indispensable tool that helps you organise your travel in a systematic way. All you need to do is forward all your travel details and confirmation emails (hotel bookings, car rental info, flight details, restaurant reservations etc.) to a Tripit address (free), and the app will convert all this info into a convenient and easy to follow trip itinerary – all of this in a neat little folder that can be accessed anywhere, anytime!


(Free on iOS and Android)

A stellar combination of remarkable social networking features, flawless photo sharing capabilities, amazing filters and photo-editing effects; make Instagram one hell of an app. Hands down one of the most popular photo apps out there, Instagram is what every traveller needs in order to capture and share their ultimate travel moments with friends and loved ones.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy app
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(Free on iOS and Android)

So you’re out there in an unknown city, gleefully driving along the road, when you suddenly realise you’re running low on gas. Life couldn’t get any worse than this, right? That’s when GasBuddy comes to your rescue. This nifty app allows you to enter your ZIP code or uses your phone’s GPS to help you spot the closest gas station around you, and that too, ones with the cheapest fuel prices (in USA and Canada)! Since this is a community-driven app, users can also update the latest real-time fuel prices in their area!

XE Currency

(Free on iOS and Android)

If you’re heading out for a holiday to a foreign country, XE currency is one app you’re better off having than not. While you’re busy sampling exotic culinary treats abroad, or raiding all those souvenir stores, XE currency helps you keep a check on how much you’re spending. Yes, in a matter of seconds, this intelligent app will give you comprehensive and accurate currency exchange rates, letting you know exactly how much you’re spending in your home currency!


(Free on iOS and Android)

If air travel is something that you do pretty often, add GateGuru to your arsenal of travel apps, right away! We all know that air travel entails a lot of delays, long stop-overs at unfamiliar airports, endless waiting at the airport, and what not! While you’re waiting at the airport, rather than letting boredom get the better of you, allow GateGuru to use its database and help you discover a hoard of cafes, stores, restaurants, souvenir stores, and more. What’s more, you can even use the app to rent a car, to check your flight status, arrival-departure times, gate number alerts, and a lot more! Handy, right?


(Only available on iOS – Free)

Not many of us are blessed with airports that are located close to the city centre. Yes, most airports are far-flung, which means we end up paying a bomb to reach the airport via cab/taxi/public transport. In such a scenario, the most sensible thing to do would be to drive down to the airport in your own car, and allow AirportParking to handle the rest. This brilliant app helps you find, book and reserve discounted parking from a database of over 100 airports (USA, UK, Canada, Ireland). You can even compare parking lots based on the location, price, services, and user reviews. So why hire a cab when you can drive down to the airport in your car and have it waiting for you when you’re back!

Google Maps

(Free on iOS and Android)

As long as you have this gem on your phone, chances are that you’ll never get lost again! And if you’re in a new city, you’re never getting duped again! The ultimate app in the market for maps and navigation, the flawless street views, satellite data, and 3D views of Google Maps make getting from point A to point B unbelievably easy. Furthermore, the app’s clean and intuitive interface, and it’s incredible mapping accuracy, make it an absolute must-have for travellers.


(Available on Android – Free)

Anyone who knows what a nightmare packing can be, will appreciate this handy app. Yes, no more trying to cram hundred different things into your suitcase. Just tell this ingenious app where you’re heading, with whom and for how long, and it’ll suggest you a list of what all you need to carry! Be it clothes, essentials or even gadgets, let this bad boy tell you what goes into your suitcase!


(Free on iOS and Android)

If you’re someone who takes food to be one of the most integral parts of your travel, you’re going to love this app. Here’s what it does – it acts like a visual guide and suggests places where you can find dishes you’re craving for – within your locality! Be it pizza or paella, dosa or dumplings, burgers or burritos, just tell the app what you fancy eating and enter your location, and the app will spit out a list of visual recommendations and reviews from fellow app users. Sweet!