10 Best Places to See in Romania that’ll Amaze You

10 Best Places to See in Romania that’ll Amaze You

A relatively lesser popular country than its other European cousins, Romania is a wonderland for avid travellers. For years, its only claim to fame was Bram Stoker’s Dracula discoverable in Transylvania, a densely forested and somewhat mysterious region of the nation. Now it is on the road to becoming an extremely popular tourist destination in Europe, thanks to its natural beauty and worlds of culture. The places to see in Romania seem, at first glance, to be random and haphazard, but as you look closer you see a pattern emerging. Conquering countries and races have left their marks, but Romania has become stronger than any of them and has given the country a hue of its own. There are the perfectly-preserved medieval towns and the craggy Carpathian mountain range that stand sentinel over the cities. Also, there are lush green forest lands, mysterious castles, lovely mountain resorts, varied art communities, spellbinding architectural gems and, of course, the unbelievably picturesque countryside. Take a peek at what the top places to see in Romania are before you plan a trip there.

Astounding Places in Romania

1. Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

Painted Monastery, Bukovina
Painted Monastery, Bukovina
Now what would make a painted monastery so darned special as to warrant a visit there? Well, it’s not just the monastery and the still vibrant artwork on them that makes them special but also the fact that Bucovina lies half in Ukraine and half in Romania. Fortunately, there’s not a cause for any bad blood between the two countries. The surroundings are just as gorgeous as the artwork on the walls of the monastery, with towering hills, lush pines, flowering shrubs, and a sense of peacefulness that pervades your soul.

2. Peleș Castle

Peles Castle, Romania
Peles Castle, Romania
Located high up in the Carpathian Mountains is the Peles Castle, one of the major attractions in Romania. It is famed to be the most beautiful castle in the entire continent. That’s saying something considering that Europe probably has countless castles and forts. One look at this beauty and you will know why it is perceived so! With a fairy-tale like exterior, its tall arches stand proud seemingly touching the skies, whereas the combination of light and dark shades accentuate its striking angles.

3. Transfăgărășan

Transfagarasan Curves
The curves of Transfăgărășan
What’s so famous about a road, you say? It is one of the curviest roads of the world and thus makes it to our list of the most incredible places to visit in Romania. This road takes you through the Carpathian Mountains, offering dramatic views of the hairpin bends below you and the striking mountains around you. If you can drive, then hire a car, and get going on this ride of a lifetime.

4. Dracula’s Castle

Bran Castle, Romania
Bran Castle, Romania
Let’s face it, you were curious when you saw Dracula! Well, the fictional character was inspired by a real count who was said to live a reclusive life with a faithful servant. He was said to be involved in some really dark rituals involving blood and more. But let’s not go there. Bran Castle, as it is now known, is owned privately and can be visited for a thrilling experience. If nothing else, the feeling of being watched by Count Dracula should do it for you.

5. Sibiu

Sibiu, Romania
A click-worthy, little town in Romania, Sibiu provides a traveller a rich cultural history and the ever-gurgling Cibin River. If you want to relax for a while from a hectic journey, this is the ideal place for you. There is plenty to do here, in terms of concerts, art exhibitions, opera and theatre. Also, this city hosts the nation’s maximum number of festivals, so you can be sure to find something or the other to enjoy here.

6. Sighisoara

The picturesque Sighisoara
Time seems to have forgotten this little 12th century village in Romania. It is the perfect place for individuals seeking the elusive ‘authentic experience’. The houses, shops and monuments of the village appear to have been suspended in time, making this truly one of the most noteworthy places to see in Romania. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sighisoara is home to cobbled streets, striking churches, ancient towers and houses stuck in a time warp. This is the right place to gain knowledge what the old-world Romania was like.

7. Costinești Beach

Costinesti Beach, Romania
Costinesti Beach, Romania
The beaches of Romania are not just pretty, they are ethereal and have an untouched beauty that other countries in Europe seem to have lost by now. The endless stretches of sugary beaches, the apparently murky sea and the plethora of wildlife will make you fall in love with it. Also read: Delicious Dishes of Romania

8. Citadel Hill in Deva

Deva Citadel
Fortress of Deva
The ruins of the citadel on top of a rocky mountain may not impress you at first glance. Nevertheless, quite surprisingly, this is a nature reserve that’s home to the horned adder and numerous floral species. Can you imagine a place that is more visually-appealing than the one that houses rare, delicate flowers? Furthermore, you will travel in a cable car to reach the top of the hill. This hotspot becomes a sure winner on as far as places to see in Romania are concerned.

9. Salina Turda

Salina Turda
Salt Mines of Turda
This mesmerizing place to see in Romania used to be an important source for salt extraction in the country. After it closed down, it renovated to become a tourist attraction offering tours of the mines, complete with well-kept-up tools and machinery. There is an amphitheater here, along with a salt lake that has curative properties. To heal yourself from the therapeutic properties of mineral salts, step into the treatment rooms.

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10. Prahova Valley

Prahova Valley
Prahova Valley
Prahova Valley is a great little mountain resort that becomes a haven for ski enthusiasts in the winter months. The nature trails and hiking paths are accessible only after the snow melts. There are challenging treks that take you higher up, giving you spectacular landscapes vistas. The frothy Prahova River runs through the valley, right underneath the Bucegi Mountains, providing a striking contrast. By going through the tourist attractions mentioned above, you can realise that visiting only Romania’s Bucharest will not let you understand the true essence of the country. Spend more time here, visit the villages and explore to your heart’s content. You will know about the nation’s past and the struggles it faced in the bygone times. Its invaluable past has made it distinct, grabbing attention of the travelers from all over the world. Romania coaxes people from distant lands to return time and again!

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