Stay out of trouble when you travel – 10 cultural taboos to...

Stay out of trouble when you travel – 10 cultural taboos to avoid

Cultural taboos
"When in Rome, do as the Romans do." You must have heard this famous saying at least once in your lifetime. Taking the said advice, when you travel to another country, make sure you follow its cultural norms and respect the common beliefs and rituals. The topics to discuss at a gathering, table etiquette, religious sentiments, all this and much more need to be kept in mind before stepping in a different territory. It is always advisable to know a little bit about the visiting country's history and culture, so as to not get into a soup. In this blog, we have listed 10 cultural taboos that will help you stay out of trouble when you travel. So keep them in mind and you will blend in, effortlessly!

10 cultural taboos to avoid

1. Japan 

2. Russia

3. Norway


4. France 

5. China

6. South Korea 

7. Argentina 

8. Germany

9. Singapore

10. New Zealand

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