10 Hair-Raising Adventure Holidays in Malaysia

10 Hair-Raising Adventure Holidays in Malaysia

The land of beautiful islands, Malaysia is known for its stunning natural beauty, lip-smacking food and multi-cultural society. But not many would consider Malaysia for an adventure trip! That’s where you go wrong, for this country dotted with beaches, islands and lush jungles is teeming with adventures for thrill-seekers! Don’t believe us? Well, we have 10 reasons to convince you why adventure holidays in Malaysia are the best option for adrenaline-junkies!

10 adventure holidays in Malaysia for thrill-seekers:

ATV Rides

Explore the jungle with an ATV ride
People living in concrete jungles with a passion for the real jungles, should hop on an ATV and make it a part of their adventure holiday in Malaysia. The ATV is like a quad bike and is adept in travelling over muddy surfaces smoothly. ATV tours last for a couple of hours, taking the riders through jungles and along river side muddy paths. This activity is mostly available in Kuala Lumpur and Pangkor Island.

Bungee Jumping

Try out Bungee Jumping
People on their first adventure holiday in Malaysia who are looking for some aerial adventure, should give bungee jumping a try at the Sunway Lagoon Extreme Park in the Bandar Sunway town just 15 mins away from Kuala Lumpur. Take the ultimate leap of faith as you jump from 22m above the sea level at Malaysia’s first bungy jump. Experienced trainers make this an exciting yet safe experience, especially for first timers.


Flyboarding - Ultimate for thrill-seekers
If you want to defy gravity over water, then try flyboarding! In this sport, riders have a high-pressured jetpack attached to their back. The board on which they ride is propelled forward with the help of two jet streams of water emitting out of the board.  Riders just need good balance to keep going. Flyboarding is literally making waves in Malaysia and is available in Putrajaya at the Marina Putrajaya.

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White Water Rafting

White water rafting
Water sport lovers must add white-water rafting to their itinerary while planning adventure holidays in Malaysia. Imagine starting off on calm waters, and then battling the rough waves to stay steady and paddle on! You can choose the difficulty level according how much adventure you can stomach! Rafters will be gifted with scenic views of the jungles on the banks of the rivers. Rivers like Kampar and Ulu Slim are for beginners, while the Selangor river is for the slightly experienced. For the ultimate whitewater rafting adventure in Malayasia, head to the Singoh or Singor River in North Perak! You not just get to raft down big rapids, but also go trekking, camp by the river, enjoy a campfire by the cold banks and gaze at the stars as the night falls – a complete wilderness adventure package!

Scuba and Scuba Doo Diving

A scuba diver observing the underwater landscapes
The islands in the South China Sea offer amazing opportunities for scuba diving. The sea bed is rife with colourful coral reefs and many unusual marine species. The underwaters are sure to captivate beginners and professional divers alike. There are around 10 islands famous for this sport, like Redang island, Tunku Abdul Rehman Marine Park, Pom Island, Leng Tengah Island, Layang- Layang Island and others. Another sport which is gaining popularity and should be part of your adventure holiday in Malaysia is Scuba Doo-ing in Kota Kinabalu. Scuba Doo is an underwater scooter with a dome covering your head – the perfect option for tourists hesitant to go for regular diving, to enjoy the underwater world.


If you are a fan of zipping through the air, way above the ground and rushing through lush green tree tops, then ziplining should be part of your adventure holiday in Malaysia. There are two choices available for tourists. The first is the Sktrex Ziplining adventure, which takes place in the forests of Shah Alam, Langkawi and Melaka. Another exciting option is to zipline between two islands on the “Coral Flyer”! Go ziplining over coral reefs and azure waters as you fly across the sea at a speed of 55 kms/hour on a 235m long zipline (or flying fox) from Gaya Island to Sapi Island in Sabah. A thrilling adventure worth embarking on!

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Paraglide your way to the realize the beauty of the place
Malaysia has ample paragliding sites at various take-off levels from where you can soar over panoramic views. The best places in Malaysia for paragliding would be the town of Ranau in Sabah, the Pedas Paragliding Park, Bukit Jugra, Bukit Kokol (in Sabah) and Kuala Kubu Baru (in Selangor).

Trekking up the Mountains

Mountain trekking in Mount Kinabalu
The best adventure holidays in Malaysia should definitely include trekking. Malaysia is dotted with mountains that provide trekking trails from moderate to extremely taxing types. But the end reward of each trek is similar – incredible views comprising of mesmerizing forests full of exotic flora and fauna, and various species of birds and wild life. Mount Kinabalu (tallest mountain in Malaysia and very popular among hikers), Mount Nuang (quite a tough trek), Mount Gayong (requires good trekking experience and decent fitness level) and Mount Gagau (a fun trek where you reach the mountain base only after a two-day river journey) are just a few of the numerous mountains to climb in Malaysia.


Go caving in Malaysia
Caving is not for the faint hearted. Navigating labyrinths of dark tunnels or cave spaces inhabited with bats and insects definitely sounds like an adventure! Places like Batu caves and Gua Tempurung Caves not only offer a good doze of adventure but have interesting history too. There are huge stalagmite and stalactite growths in a few caves which may interest geology lovers

Waterfall Abseiling

Waterfall abseiling in Malaysia
Rock climbers and people interested in new sports should give water abseiling a definite try. The waterfalls of Sungai Pisang not only offer abseiling but also waterfall flying fox activity. The waterfall is located in a dense beautiful forest. You can also abseil down the Lata Rimau Waterfall in Ulu Slim, Perak which is 200m above ground. You reach the waterfall after trekking through the jungle for a good half an hour, then hike up to the spot to rappel down the rocks as the waterfall splashes all around you, your face and body! Hope these adventures we described have persuaded you to explore Malaysia beyond its culture, food and natural beauty! Which adventure are you planning to go on. Tell us, in the comments section!

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