10 hair-raising skywalks that will send your pulses soaring!

10 hair-raising skywalks that will send your pulses soaring!

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Grand Canyon Skywalk

Where: Arizona, United States Height: Approx. 4000 feet Dare to take a stroll over this transparent, over-the-edge skywalk? The Grand Canyon Skywalk maybe a lot of things unique – strikingly unconventional apart from being the second highest glass floor on Earth – but it is definitely not for the faint-hearted! Run by the Hualapai Indian tribe, this horse-shaped bridge is an extension of a tourist centre that also consists of a restaurant, bar and a museum. Our challenge – Stand right in the middle of the Grand Canyon Skywalk and dare a peak at the canyon floor!

The Ledge

Where: Chicago, United States Height: Approx. 1350 feet Also known as Skydeck Chicago, the Ledge offers you a panoramic view of not one, but four states! These 4.3 feet boxes are a bump-out of Chicago’s famous 108-storeyed skyscraper – the Willis Tower, and are located on the 103rd floor. Watch how the glass boxes are retracted into the tower when its windows need cleaning and maintenance. The Ledge has witnessed countless marriage proposals since its commencement in 1974, and what’s more, you can also get married in them now! Our challenge – Look below at the Windy City and click a photo of its absolutely stunning skyline!  

Sky Tower

Where: Auckland, New Zealand Height: Approx. 1076 feet Time to put on those boiler suits and get ready for an experience, we guarantee you’ll never forget! Auckland’s Sky Tower is a brilliant masterpiece that not only gives you a dramatic view of the capital city and its beautiful harbour, but also offers exhilarating adventures to the brave ones. While the SkyWalk is a narrow outdoor path to the top of this skyscraper, you simply must try the SkyJump. Can you imagine jumping off the 328 meter-high building at a speed of up to 85 km per hour? Certainly an activity you should perform on an empty stomach! Our challenge – Need we say more? Try the Sky Jump!  

Tianmen Mountain Skywalk

Tianmen Mountain Skywalk

Where: Yongding District, China Height: Approx. 4700 feet Attention – you shouldn’t even read further than this if you’re scared of heights. This giddying Skywalk is built on a 5000-feet high cliff of the Tianmen Mountain and is completely see-through for its entire length! It has been popularly nicknamed as “the Walk of Faith”, and rightly so! Only the most gallant of us can even contemplate walking over it, despite the spectacular views it offers of the lushly green Tianmen National Park. Our challenge – Walk it, without closing your eyes or touching the mountain wall!  

Glacier Skywalk

Where: Canadian Rockies, Canada Height: Approx. 900 feet A brand new addition to the already growing attraction of the Canadian Rockies, the Glacier Skywalk is once again, a glass-bottomed platform that gives you heavenly views of the surrounding alpines and glaciers. Furthermore, you’ll also get six interactive explanatory stations as well as an optional audio tour about the geology and biology of the Jasper National Park as you stroll down a 350-metres footpath that leads from the drop-off point to the actual skywalk. Our challenge – Sleep on the glass floor and take-in the heart-stopping sight of the snowcapped valley below!  


Where: CN Tower, Toronto, Canada Height: Approx. 1400 feet. Ever wondered how it feels to be 365-meters above the Queen City? Take a tour around the circumference of Toronto’s iconic CN Tower called the EdgeWalk! Also the world’s highest handle-free walk, EdgeWalk’s trained guides encourage you to push your limits and conquer fear by standing on the edge of the skywalk with nothing but the air to support you! Our challenge – Do what the guides tell you, and capture that moment in a video!  

Skywalk X

Where: Macau Tower, China Height: Approx. 1110 feet Quite similar to the EdgeWalk, Skywalk X on Macau Tower is nothing short of a thrill ride for even the most adventurous ones among us! Apart from being the world’s highest bungee jump, this skywalk has no handrails to hold onto. Here, you can sit on its edge, climb 100 meters higher to reach the summit, or lean all the way over (with a safety harness attached to you, of course). Not a Macau experience any of us are ever likely to forget! Our challenge – Dare to lean over from Skywalk X at night!  


Where: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia Height: Approx. 440 feet Overlooking Australia’s glorious Port Jackson lies the BridgeClimb on Sydney’s iconic harbour bridge. The BridgeClimb (yes, you actually climb that bridge!) takes you to the very top from where you can admire gorgeous views of the harbour, the Opera House as well as the incredible skyline of Australia’s cultural capital. Certainly not an adventure you should miss, eh? Our challenge – Click a selfie at the very apex of Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Oriental Pearl Tower

Where: Shanghai, China

Height: Approx. 1530 feet.

We’ve all seen how picture-perfect Shanghai’s Oriental Pearl Tower is with its massive 1500 feet height and its impressive status of being the world’s 5th tallest tower. But, ever wondered how magical it would be to view Shanghai’s two very contrasting areas – the modish Pudong and the historical Bund, not to mention the magnificent Huangpu River, from the top of this tower? Our challenge – Try to NOT remember what the view looked like once you’ve seen it from the Oriental Pearl Tower!  

Skypoint Climb

Where: Queensland, Australia Height: 270 meters Located in Surfers Paradise on Queensland's Gold Coast, the SkyPoint is a giddying climb up the 322-metre Q1 Resort Building. Starting at 240 metres, you have to climb 30 metres further to get a fascinatingly unrestricted, 360 degree view of Queensland’s coast - crashing waves, golden beaches, and the surrounding lush mountains. Moreover, the SkyPoint experience could last about 90 exhilarating minutes and can be undertaken at any time of the day – morning, mid-day, or dusk! Our challenge – Climb to the SkyPoint at twilight and try to be unimpressed by the heavenly sight set before your eyes!