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If you have been living a life of simple pleasures, without challenging your limits, am afraid you are not utilising it to the optimum! Comfort is fine, surviving is fine too… But once in a while our souls need that out of body experience, a moment that completely shakes our existence and if you are up for some… you need to try your hand on atleast one of the ‘thrills’ listed below! These thrill seeking adventures will shake you out of your comfort zone and nudge you to try something out of ordinary. My favourite from the list you ask? The skydive Dubai experience! Grand, stimulating and one of the best thrilling things to do before you die, I say!

Mountain Biking Down The World’s Most Dangerous Road in Bolivia

shutterstock_63206827 Taking adventure to the next notch and the thrill factor to a frenzied level… guaranteed! If you are a biking enthusiast and like to challenge your souls, pack your bags, bike and essentials and straightaway head to Bolivia's North Yungus Road aka 'The Death Road'. Whether to appreciate the breathtaking view of Amazon forests or to keep an eye on steep and sharp turns, is the choice you have to make. FYI, a record number of deaths (200-300) has been reported on this legendary bike route.

Diving With Great White Sharks in South Africa

Yeah, dolphins are cute and all that, but if you really want to flirt with danger, we dare you to swim with the mighty white sharks in South Africa. Sounds thrilling? Hop into a cage and ready yourself to be thrown in the deep blue waters infested with sharks.

Ice Swimming in Finland 

shutterstock_759166 Stressed? Suffering from rheumatism? Looking to improve your immune system? Or simply want to challenge your body in an extreme condition…no matter what your motive is  jumping into the giant hole (and staying there, of course!) of the icy lake of Finland is an ultimate test of a self-proclaimed adventure junkie!

Ride The Takabisha in Japan 

I’m sure everyone has had that nightmare, where you see yourself free falling from a height and you wake up with a ‘thud’. Time to relieve the same experience albeit with ‘open eyes’. Gear for a 112 seconds (yep! That short!) of electrifying rollercoaster ride at the Fuji-Q Highland theme park, Japan, where the occupants of Takabisha (the roller coaster) are plummeted 141ft in a single vertical drop. Did I miss out on telling you that the speed of the roller coaster is ONLY ‘100 kmph’!!!

Sky Diving Over The Palm Jumeirah In Dubai

Sky Diving Over The Palm In Dubai Of course, you have heard of sky-diving! The thrill of being thrown out of an aeroplane, with nothing but a parachute for rescue…is an experience nothing can compete with, but let’s make it a little more scenic by treating your eyes with views of Palm Jumeirah, the extremely gorgeous archipelago of UAE. 

Go Wing Walking over England 

Fly the plane or fly on the plane? What do you think is more adventurous? Take your game to the top notch and be the audacious one to wing walk on top of a bi-plane while the pilot performs various aerial stunts.

Take A Dive In Devil’s Pool in Zambia 

Devil’s Pool, Zambia

One word for this stunt? Scary! Yes that with a capital ‘S’, that said, it is also exciting, stupendous and once-in-a-lifetime experience. Chill with your besties at the naturally formed pool, near edge of the Victoria Falls in the Zambia, in the month of September to December, when a rock barrier forms a whirlpool with minimal current and allows the daredevils to swim at the utmost edge of mighty falls.

 Fly Through The Air in The Gravity Flying Fox in New Zealand

New Zealand is heart-breakingly beautiful piece of land and to be able to see its beauty from atop like a free bird is an opportunity that doesn’t come easily and oh, yes, not to mention: it is extremely thrilling to say the least. Sign up for this little known adventure sport and boast about your experiences to your colleagues later.

Cave Dive in Devil's Eye Cave in Florida

Scuba diving is too mainstream? Deep sea fishing is passe? If that is what you think, you possibly have graduated to the new fad, i.e. underwater diving -Cave diving. An adventure which needs technical expertise, attracts divers due to its unexplored nature and offers stunning, unseen, unheard visuals to the eyes who dare!

 Cliff Walk in China

Atheists will start believing in God and the believers will pray harder as they slowly make their way on an impossibly narrow plank path located several thousand feet above the ground with only two straps to hook onto wires on the path. The path is carved out of the cliff and made up of steel rod ladders and narrow wooden plank walks. Want to get up close and personal with wildebeest, zebras, lions? Check out our Kenya package by clicking on the 'banner' below. Visit_Kenya