10 incredible cities to explore on foot

10 incredible cities to explore on foot

A quaint road of a European town

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There is no better way to experience a city than on foot! Your feet can take you to those places where the fanciest of cars and other modes of public transport fail to reach. Explore every nook and corner of a city by walking, taking in its sights and stories, its character and beauty. Walk down the road of these 10 "walkable cities" as you go along enjoying every bit of the destination. A sweet and unique encounter is just a few footsteps away!

1. Hoi An, Vietnam  

High view of Hoi An ancient town Hoi An is a well-preserved, ancient town - full of life and colour. A designated UNESCO site, this quaint city of Vietnam has abundant of century old buildings to admire, and lanterns of all shapes and sizes that are lit up at night, making your night walk a leisurely affair. A car-free town, Hoi An is a blissful experience for those who appreciate simple things in life!

2. Munich, Germany  

The sunny day at Olympiahalle in Munich, germany "City of short distances", Munich is truly one of the best "walkable cities". This Bavarian gem is a paradise for travellers who love to explore a city on foot. The 900-acre English Garden is a massive park with lakes, beer gardens, and also houses a Japanese tea house. Shop around town or admire the Baroque buildings, or visit some of the famous sights - Munich is a beautiful city for your long walks.

3. Paris, France 

A bright day near the canal Saint Martin, Paris The 'City of Lights', Paris is one of the European cities that is best explored on foot. Marvel at the world-renowned architecture as you take a stroll down the Champs-Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe. Discover numerous cafes on the streets, shop at famous boutiques, and visit various small and big museums - this walking tour of Paris city will be a memorable one.

4. Dubrovnik, Croatia  

The Panorama Dubrovnik Old Town roofs at sunset Game of Thrones! Hope this would have stirred your emotions already? Dubrovnik has become one of the most visited destinations in the world, as major parts of the epic drama series was shot here. Medieval town with fortresses, gardens, and monasteries, majority of this UNESCO Heritage Site is a pedestrian-only zone, so there is no other way to explore this beauty than on foot! Drool at these 15 stunning images of Croatia.

5. Florence, Italy 

View of the Via dei Banchi street and old medieval houses at historic center of Florence Truly a "walkable city", Florence's top attractions are all in the vicinity and are easily accessible on foot. Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore to Piazzale Michelangelo - this culturally rich city will blow your mind away. There are tons of cafes and bars, and world-class restaurants in case you need a break from walking.

6. Singapore 

Garden By the Bay, Supertree, Flyer, Singapore Unlike other Asian cities where walking might turn out to be a harrowing experience, Singapore on the other hand is a perfect example of a "walkable city". Sprawling forested parks, waterfronts running alongside the beach, and of course Gardens by the Bay - this city is magical, especially at night. Singapore is constantly upgrading itself to become more and more pedestrian-friendly.

7. San Francisco, USA 

Exploratorium and Palace of Fine Art in San Francisco with beautiful blue sky in background The second most "walkable city" in the USA, San Francisco is a delight for those who love to walk. Chinatown, Lower Nob Hill, Downtown, North Beach, and many more neighbourhoods are pedestrian-friendly and worth exploring. The city has numerous parks spread across the city for leisure walking.

8. Helsinki, Finland 

Sunny summer day near canal in Siltasaari, Helsinki A city where walking is one of the main modes of transport, Helsinki deserves every bit to be on this list! The streets are designed keeping pedestrians in mind, and is an absolute delight to take a stroll in the city while admiring the Finnish heritage. Check out the Utopian land of Finland!

9. Fes, Morocco  

Colourful buildings and alleyways of Fes The 1,200-year-old city of Fez is a literally a maze. Lot of travellers give this Moroccan city a miss, but once you happen to be here, its charm is inevitable. As you wander through the streets and enter the medina - you are likely to get lost, but the locals are there to help. There are tons of pottery and carpet weaving shops, restaurants serving the best Moroccan meals, and dozens of cats to keep you company. Lose yourself in this cultural labyrinth - the experience is soul fulfilling.

10. Melbourne, Australia  

 Runners and cyclists enjoying the sunset from Ormond point in Melbourne The city of Melbourne has created an ecological environment which invites tourists and locals alike. There are massive parks and long stretches of walkways along the bay area, ideal for long, leisurely walks. Carlton, St. Kild, Fitzroy, and Collingwood are few of the famous walkable neighbourhoods of Melbourne. Go on the Yarra Trail or explore the Merri Creek, there are many trails in the city that will bring out the hiker in you!

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