10 Most Breath-taking Canyons In The World

10 Most Breath-taking Canyons In The World

Trail down the Siq
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Canyons or gorges are one of nature’s magical wonders carved out by fast flowing rivers, which offer some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. Not just for their sheer size but also for the beauty that is often hidden beneath the tough exterior of the earth. From steep cliffs to narrow valleys, our planet is a home to many grand canyons. Check out this list of some of the most breathtaking and spectacular canyons in the world.

Grand Canyon

 Grand Canyon, Arizona

Ogle for too long at these rock formations, and you start to drift off and forget whether you are looking at a natural phenomenon or a horse-shoe bend. It appears like a steep cliff placed in the river below it. One of the world’s largest canyons, formed by the erosion of the Colorado River, which is 446 km long, and up to 29 km wide; it reaches a depth of over 1,800 meters. Not only for canyons, but also renowned for the suspension bridge skywalks.

Siq, Jordan

 Siq, Jordan

The sprawling nation, Jordan, has no shortage of natural wonders, but the most appealing one is the Siq Canyon; the main entrance to the ancient city, Petra. A gigantic gorge which is a slot canyon that spans over 1.2 km in length is not wider than 3 metres. The way the Siq was formed is unique for a slot canyon, thanks to years of erosion.

The Wave, Arizona

 The Wave, Arizona, United States

A photographers dream! - The Wave Canyons. At first glance you may think, this is an oil painting on a plain paper. This unusual formation is formed due to the erosion by water. The geologically-formed rock sculpting here is split into two discrete areas, which look like one canyon, but actually it is a formation of two slots of canyons that are very close to each other. The first is 19 meters wide and 36 meters long while the other is 2 meters wide and 16 meters long. (Only 20 hikers are allowed to visit in a day to avoid the damage caused by human feet).

Antelope Canyon Arizona on Navajo land near Page

 Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Wanderer can stretch out their arms and can touch this stunning canyon in both the sides, which has two distinct areas, Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Let’s take a stroll around this beautiful gorge and lose yourself in the wonderful play of light and patterns that enchant its sightseers. It has been formed over thousands of years by the steady flow of water rushing through rocks.

Grand Canyon du Verdon

 Verdon Gorge, France

In the heart of nature, rich in greenery, the landscape here is astonishing. Nothing illustrates the lasting corrosive forces of water like a river canyon. Carving and making their way through solid rocks, sometimes over a million of years, waterways gradually make these fantastic and spectacular natural models. The stunning part of this canyon is between the Castellane and Moustiers Sainte Marie, 700 meters deep and 23 km long, which offers breathtaking vistas of the flora and fauna across the valley.

Colored Canyon, Sinai, Egypt

The Coloured Canyon, Egypt

Come and see the nature’s astonishing masterpiece of different colours. The enigmatic and hunting splendour of the Coloured Canyon awaits the adventure seekers who love to discover one of the most colossal canyons on the planet. The underwater layers of this residue formed with each layer are different in colours and different in textures. After a long period of erosion by the rivers, the slot canyon formed with 30 meters high.

Bicaz Canyon, Romania

A huge limestone with a rocky dome, towering over a narrow street; the Bicaz gorge is a stunning natural masterpiece found in Romania. The Bicaz canyon is a part of Bicazului Gorges National Park - formed by the natural hindering of the waters of the Bicaz stream. This spectacular gorge stretches for about 6 km over the Red Lake.

Zion Canyon

The Virgin River Narrows, Utah, United States

If any place has the power to inspire and hypnotize you at the same time, it’s the Virgin River Narrows, famously known as Zion Narrows. The diverse trek through the Virgin River Narrows is one of the most prominent and breath-taking natural phenomenon in the United States. Its unique characteristic figure describes its unusual beauty as the sandstone walls along with the rocky domes - forms the Narrows. Stretching over 26 kms in length, 610 meters in height and narrowing down to 6 meters; the canyon passes through the crimson sandstone.

Fjadrargljufur Canyon, Iceland

Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon, Iceland

If you have never been to this place before, I sure recommend a little trip up here. Your Iceland tour would not be complete without visiting this beautiful spectacle. Renowned for its startling turquoise waters and rocky domes covered with spongy green moss, it spreads over 2 km in length and 100 meters deep above the river.

Man swimming water hole deep in gorge

Weano Gorge, Australia

Not every gorge has to be made of red and gold sandstone. Weano Gorge, brings some emerald colors to the natural beauty of Australia. The most visited and most photographed canyons of the Blue Mountains of Australia are also a home to many slot canyons. This impressive rock formation is formed due to the wind and rainfall over millions of years. While wandering around the canyons, you will find the Handrail pool hidden between the narrow walls of canyons.