10 Reasons to Visit Seattle on Your Next US Holiday

10 Reasons to Visit Seattle on Your Next US Holiday

Seattle Downtown from Elliot Bay
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Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

At this farmers market, you’ll get a chance to see fresh vegetables and seafood, and also flying fish! The seafood vendors at this market skilfully toss fresh salmon around and put up quite a show for tourists. Honestly, it was quite a lot of fun to see the vendors happily toss salmon at each other and hear the crowd cheer for them as I had never seen this happen at any other fish market in the world. Pike Place Market also has a large variety of cheeses up for sale. If you’re not interested in buying any food items, you could go take a look at some exotic souvenirs to take back home or to gift your friends and family. You’ll never find such an interesting farmers market that’s packed with tourists as well as locals anywhere in the world and so, it is safe to say that this is the first attraction of Seattle that differentiates it from other cities and makes it special.


1st Starbucks cofee chain Seattle
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Starbucks is famous all over the world and has branches in numerous cities all over. But have you ever wondered where Starbucks was founded? Well, Seattle is home to the first-ever Starbucks branch. This branch of Starbucks is situated quite close to Pike Place Market and so, you could go there to relax and caffeinate after walking around the market. However, don’t get your hopes up, as this Starbucks is always crowded with tourists. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get to visit this Starbucks as Seattleites are experts when it comes to coffee and so there are a number of excellent cafes all over. One of Seattle’s favourite cafes is Vivace and if you get a chance to go there, you should enjoy one of the best cups of coffee you will ever have!

Space Needle

Seattle Space Needle at Night

The Space Needle gives you a chance to observe Seattle from a height of 520 feet. But that isn’t all the Space Needle has to offer. You could also enjoy a delicious meal with an incredible view at the Skycity Restaurant located at the top. Unlike most other tall structures of other cities, the Space Needle looks quite unusual—it looks like a space ship resting on stilts. The Space Needle is located in Seattle Center which is a great cultural complex where you can easily spend half a day. The Seattle Center includes the Chihuly glass display, a food court, theatres and the Pacific Science Center.

EMP Museum

Aerial view of EMP Museum seattle
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This museum is anything but ordinary! The Experience Music Project Museum (EMP Museum) could be called one of the funkiest museums in the entire world. Not only are the exhibits in the museum extraordinary, but the exterior is also quite wacky. The exterior of the museum is made of brightly-coloured metal sheets that shimmer in sunlight, thereby making the museum stand out. There are exhibits of pop culture, horror cinema, science fiction literature (including the actual costumes that were used while filming the movies). Besides the exhibits, there are a number of interactive activities. The guitar sculpture present in this museum is made out of more than 500 musical instruments.  At this museum, you will also be able to see Kurt Cobain’s very first electric guitar and also learn about the history of his band, Nirvana. The EMP Museum is located very close to the Space Needle and is a must-visit when you’re in Seattle.

Boeing Tour

Boeing Tour Seattle
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Wouldn't you be interested in watching the planes you fly in, being built? Well, if you’re in Seattle, you can. At the Boeing plant, you will get to see Boeing’s ‘Future of Flight’ displays and you will also be able to design your very own jet digitally! The Boeing tour includes seeing actual Boeing jets of various kinds including the 787 Dreamliner being built.

Washington State Ferries

Washington State Ferries seattle

Ferries to Seattle are like yellow taxis to New York City—they are vital to the city’s transportation system. But aren’t ferries more fun than taxis? On these ferry boats, you can walk around, enjoy the fresh air and also enjoy the view. They’re cheap, quick and very efficient. Much better than taxis or trains, right?

Ballard Locks

ballard locks seattle

At the Ballard Locks, you have the chance to see the soul of the Pacific Northwest—boats (including fishing boats, yachts and kayaks) and salmon! The locks take the boats from Puget Sound to Seattle’s fresh waterways (around 20 feet above sea level) and back and a fish ladder allows the salmon to swim up ahead of the locks to the freshwater breeding area. There are glass viewing windows that allow tourists to watch this happen. Around the locks, there are ornamental gardens where you could enjoy outdoor concerts in the afternoon in summer.

Dick’s Restaurant

Dick's restaurant
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This fast-food restaurant chain is an absolute favourite of all Seattleites as well as tourists who have eaten there. Dick’s has also been referred to as “the most life-changing burger joint in America”. The fast-food restaurant chain has a simple menu which includes hamburgers, French fries and milkshakes. Dick’s managed to become the favourite fast food joint of everyone who has eaten there and so, when you’re in Seattle, make sure you have a meal there.


Orca Whale Watching Tour Seattle
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If you’re a fan of marine life, you must take the Orca Whale Watching Tour when you’re in Seattle. Orcas are incredibly beautiful creatures and are a delight to watch.  It’s a refreshing change from the usual dolphins doing tricks. The San Juan Islands where the Orca Whale Watching Tour is conducted are about a 3-hour drive away from Seattle. On this tour, you can expect to see quite a number of Orcas unlike most other whale watching tours. The boats, on which you sail, are comfortable, fast and very safe. The crew also shares various facts about these orcas with you, thereby making the tour both fun and informative.

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Waterfront, Piers Dock Buildings Needle Ferris Wheel

Seattle Waterfront can be referred to as one of Seattle’s best neighbourhoods. Over here, you could spend hours enjoying the breathtaking views of Elliott Bay, or shopping for souvenirs and gifts at the curio stores, or enjoying the delicious and also fresh seafood, or taking rides on the ferries just to appreciate the pretty view of the Seattle skyline, or visiting the Seattle Aquarium.  You could spend an entire day at the Seattle Waterfront and not get bored for a single minute.

In my opinion, the ten points mentioned here are definitely good reasons that prove why Seattle should not be under-rated compared to the other destinations in US. It is truly an exceptional holiday destination and has much to offer. It’s a large city, bursting with culture and various fun things to do and see. Relaxed, clean and less crowds; Seattle is all ready to bowl you over and is a perfect getaway.