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‘Like this’, ‘Tweet that’, ‘WhatsApp me’, ‘Instagram the pic’, ‘and Google the fact’… as inappropriate/incomplete as these phrases sound if you are an internet junkie, you could relate to all of them.

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and so is humans' dependency on it. We don’t meet our friends anymore…we ‘hangout’. The letters are replaced by emails and we are nothing but ticking bombs of information, sometimes inadequate, fabricated or even exaggerated.

It was in August 2013, that Oxford Dictionary, added the phrase ‘digital detox’ to its collection and its importance was realised possibly a few years prior. Researchers point out that unplugging ourselves from phones, laptops or tabs give our brain time to relax, as it lowers our blood pressure and gives us a chance to be who we are!

For the much needed break from all gadgetry and to keep your sanity intact, we have curated the list of absolutely gorgeous places full of invigorating activities. Some are the official unplugged escapades while others are off-the-grid by the virtue of their remoteness. Wondering if ‘digital detox’ is really possible? Here is your answer!

Wild camping in Sweden and Norway


Wi-Fi is no more a rarity on the campsites these days. With all those mumbo-jumbo gadgets making their debut every fortnight, getting ‘away’ is not so easy. That’s why we suggest ‘wild camping’, where the only companion you have is a gas stove, a few batteries, a sturdy tent may be. And, with landscapes like Arctic Circle and islands dotted by charming archipelagos, you wouldn’t really have anything to complain about.

The Cook Islands


It can’t be more remote than this! The 15 South Pacific Islands, named after the legendary explorer James Cook are the perfect place to run away from hi-tech distractions. From exploring black pearl fields and coral lagoons to enjoying a popular activity, ‘Jetblasting’; there is so much to do on these exquisite expanse of land.

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia


Want to renounce the world and be a nomad, but don't know how it feels like to be one? Head to Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia for a dress rehearsal ! Don’t be too surprised if wild camels, bears or snow leopards drop-in to say hello, while you are sipping your tea by the window. Want to update your pals about your status? Sorry, the nearest Wi-Fi zone is just about 10 hours away.

The Krubera Cave, Georgia

Tired of ogling at the scenic beauty or you simply want to try your luck with something that is thrilling; take a plunge into the vastness of Krubera Cave, a little over 2000m deep and takes upto 2 weeks even for the experts to reach its farthest point.

The Amish country, USA


While it is almost impossible to think the United States of America without its digital dimensions, there is a faith that diktats foregoing modern amenities, including automobiles, telephones and electricity. It believes in leading a simple life derived from the teachings in the Bible. Away from the clutches of modernity in the Amish county, you can immerse yourself in the rural way of life. Did we tell you about their principal mode of transport? A horse-drawn buggy, cute right?

Butterfly Valley, Turkey


Home to a humongous variety of butterflies literally, the Butterfly valley lies in the Fethiye district of Turkey. Bravehearts could hike all the way, via a not-so-easy track, while the ones who wouldn’t care less could hitch up a boat ride that would take them to this extremely beautiful place. Though you can access the internet here, with pristine blue water, virginal white sands, a bonfire and delicious food to sample…I’m sure that pursuit of yours would take a backseat.

The Belize Island

For an ideal detox therapy, the body and mind needs to be occupied. While the beauty of Belize Island would leave you speechless… activities like river rafting, nature and wildlife tours, and a trip to the zoo, a secluded lighthouse and a chocolate workshop would ensure you do not miss any of your social media sites.


Antartica has successfully saved itself from the digital tornado, and has remained inaccessible to the world in general. But it is changing at an astonishingly reckless speed! So, you need to rush… book yourself a cruise, discover the frozen land's abundant summer wildlife of seals, penguins and whales, spend time looking at the cute penguin colonies, enjoy lectures from experienced guides and kayak between glaciers.

Ultima Thule Lodge, Alaska

A favourite amongst the rich and the famous, the Ultima Thule Lodge is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Alaska, albeit inside the vast wilds of the nation’s largest, and most remote, Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Featured as one of the best Alaskan lodges to put up in by Forbes Magazine, Ultima Thule provides incredible adventure with a variety of wildlife combined with great comforts.

Umbria, Italy

Removed from outside influences, Italy's Umbria has kept alive many of Italy's old-world traditions. Check into ‘Eremito-an eco hotel’ perched on Umbrian Hills in south-west of Perugia, designed especially for solo travellers. The furniture is primitive, food is vegetarian yet sumptuous and there is plenty of scenic beauty (3,000 hectares of protected natural reserve, to be precise) around to keep you occupied.