10 Stunning Greek Islands That Will Capture Your Soul…

10 Stunning Greek Islands That Will Capture Your Soul…

Top islands of Greece

Explore the white-washed mazes of Santorini, live up to the nightlife in Mykonos, discover a secluded beach in Milos, dig into authentic Greek food at a charming tavern in Kafelonia – you haven’t really lived until you’ve explored at least a handful of stunning Greek islands! Besides, the prices are lower and the people are friendlier, so waste no time and pack your bags now! Here’s are 10 such Greek Islands, to get lost and never be found!

1. Santorini

If there’s one place in Greece that will literally leave you “breathless”, it has to be Santorini. Yes, it’s clichéd, conventional, and touristy, but who cares, the place is actually that good! Those charming white-washed houses, the archetypal blue domes, the cobbled streets, quaint pavement cafes, the dramatic seaside views, and unforgettable sunsets – just one look at Santorini and your heart will be its prisoner, forever. Undoubtedly it is the most scenic Greek island!

2. Mykonos

If you’re touring Greece, and want to enjoy a sensational nightlife at one of its islands, Mykonos is where you need to head to. Often hailed as the ‘Ibiza of Greece’, the stunning Mykonos Island offers a sizzling concoction of stylish, cosmopolitan beach bars, clubs, and boutiques, merging in with the traditional Cycladic architecture, white-washed houses and the maze of charming streets. 

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3. Amorgos

Move a step away from the regular Greek islands, and you have the tranquil and pretty Amorgos Island – the eastern-most island of the Cyclades. This spectacular island impresses its visitors with a perfect combination of wild and rustic natural beauty, majestic mountains, daunting, deep blue sea, and narrow, bougainvillea-clad alleys lined with fascinating, colourful houses.

4. Milos

A perfect holiday getaway for families and romantic couples alike, the surreal Greek island of Milos welcomes visitors with a mix of exotic beaches, a laidback atmosphere, turquoise waters, rocky hills, and a relatively unspoilt landscape. Not to mention, a string of picturesque villages like Plaka, Klima, Emporios and Pollonia. What’s more, Milos has one of the biggest network of dirt roads in the Cyclades, so you can expect a lot of off-road adventures and walking tours leading to secluded beaches.

5. Naxos

Naxos, the largest island of the Cyclades, boasts of a unique blend of virgin beaches, ancient ruins, authentic Greek culture, and enchanting white-washed villages. It is also one of the greenest villages in the Cyclades, replete with fertile valleys, traditional villages, green gorges, Venetian castles and magnificent churches. Naxos is your answer to "non-touristy Greek islands." 

6. Kefalonia

If you’re looking to have an ultimate Greek island experience, Kefalonia is the place where you are most likely to have it! This sixth largest Greek island, Kefalonia is packed with an arsenal of soaring mountains, wide lakes, the bluest of waters, charming tavernas, rugged rock formations, pristine beaches, and sleepy fishing towns, making it an idyllic getaway for nature lovers. One of the top islands of Greece, this one is definitely worth a visit!

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7. Crete

The island of Crete, the largest of the Greek Islands, is where you need to be, if you’re looking for variety – plenty of it! Be it nightclubs, accommodation, adventure, restaurants or shops, you’ll never run out of options here. The island is home to glimmering beaches, magnificent mountains, and gorges, offering travellers a plethora of adrenaline pumping activities such as swimming, horse-riding, mountain-climbing, gorge trekking, and more. 

8. Skiathos

A cosmopolitan island in the Northern Sporades, Skiathos resembles a chunk of paradise with its crystal-clear turquoise waters, lush green pine forests, immaculate beaches, a picturesque harbour, lively cafes, medieval ruins, and a hedonistic nightlife. Looking for quiet places in Greece? This is where you need to be! 

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9. Rhodes

The capital of the Dodecanese, Rhodes is a beautiful island ideal for those scouting for a blend of history, adventure, nature, and a host of cultural and archaeological sites. Besides, the island is blessed with rolling hills, lush valleys, sun-kissed beaches and a buzzing nightlife, making it a terrific Greek getaway. It might be one of the lesser known Greek islands, but it is exceptionally pretty!

10. Corfu

Hands down one of the best islands of Greece, Corfu features a potpourri of dramatic landscapes, ethnic cultures, and a mix of Italian, Greek, British and French architectural styles. Corfu is the perfect destination for a romantic escapade, owing to its quaint towns, lovely churches, tranquil countryside, and the shimmering olive groves. 

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