11 Ravishing Photos Of Sighisoara, Romania, That’ll Give You Wanderlust

11 Ravishing Photos Of Sighisoara, Romania, That’ll Give You Wanderlust

In the heart of the historic Transylvania region of Romania lies the picturesque city of Sighisoara. A UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, Sighisoara enthralls visitors with its charming cobbled paths, its ethereal beauty and its warm hospitality. But, if you are a fan of vampire fiction, Sighisoara is also the birthplace of Vlad Dracula AKA Vlad the Impaler, the ruler of Walachia. Bram Stoker's fictional character of Count Dracula was based on Vlad Dracula! Still need more convincing to visit the city? Here are 11 ravishing photos of Sighisoara that’ll give you wanderlust!

The Striking 14th Century Clock Tower In Sighisoara

Beautiful Cobbled Streets Lined With Colourful Houses

A Statue Of Vlad The Impaler

A Plaque That Reads, “In this house dwelt between 1431-1435 the ruler Tarii Romanesti - Vlad the Dracul son of Mircea the Elder"

The Architectural Monument Of Biserica Din Deal AKA Church On The Hill

The Delightful Citadel Square Decked Up During Christmas

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The Historic Furriers' Tower In The Sighisoara Citadel

The Humble Yet Delicious Delicacy Of Sarmale - Cabbage Rolls

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A Tranquil Sunny Morning In Sighisoara

But Winters Tend To Add To Sighisoara’s Beauty

Interested In Buying Some Dracula Souvenirs?!

Ready to leave on a vacation to Sighisoara? Don’t forget to carry some garlic, you are heading to Transylvania after all; you might encounter Dracula! Just kidding ?
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