12 Azerbaijan Images That You Have to See Right Now!

12 Azerbaijan Images That You Have to See Right Now!

Images of Azerbaijan
A land bursting with optimism, famously referred to as the ‘Land of Fire’, Azerbaijan dazzles with a delightful collection of old, new, unique, and extraordinary! Be it the country’s unique mud volcanoes, it’s exceptional modern architecture, the sprawling Caspian Sea, the quaint, winding alleys of Old Town, Baku, the ultra-modern Flame Towers soaring above Baku city centre, the charming UNESCO-listed monuments, or the eternally burning mountain of Yanar Dag, Azerbaijan is packed with surprises!

Here are a few Azerbaijan Images that will enrapture your senses...

Baku Skyline

Baku City Skyline

Old City, Baku, with the Flame Towers rising in the backdrop

Baku Old City

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The Maiden Tower, Old City, Baku

Maiden Tower, Azerbaijan

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The Flame Towers, with the City Centre of Baku in the foreground

The Flame Towers, Azerbaijan

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A Souvenir Shop in Icheri Sheher (Old Town), Baku, Azerbaijan

Souvenir Shop, Baku Old Town

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Tombs in the village Kelekhana, Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan tombs

A local market in Baku, flooded with sweets and dried fruits

Holidayme_Images of Azerbaijan_Sweets and dried fruits in a market_shutterstock_402979939.jpg

Masazir Lake in Azerbaijan - one of the eight pink lakes in the world

Pink Lake, Azerbaijan

An Old Albanian church temple in the Kish province of Azerbaijan

Old Albanian Church, Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan Food

Azerbaijan Food

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A typical empty street in Old Town, Baku

Old Town, Baku

Chair-lifts and skiers on Mount Shahdagh

Mount Shahdagh
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