14 Images of Myanmar That Show Why You Need to Visit This...

14 Images of Myanmar That Show Why You Need to Visit This Country NOW!

Images of Myanmar
Ancient Pagodas dotting the Bagan Plains
Vacillating ambiguously on the cusp of change, there couldn’t possibly be a better time than now to visit the golden land of Myanmar, once a powerful kingdom of South East Asia. As you inch across this extraordinary country, experience your being feel a tad dizzy by the sheer stillness of time and how every nook and cranny exudes a charm that remains untouched, authentic and truly special. Visit Myanmar to see a place like no other; to stare in disbelief at thousands of sacred, glittering pagodas stretching out across the Bagan plains; to get consumed by the simple pleasures of travel as you meander through quaint villages peppered across the emerald hills and plateaus. Visit Myanmar to see what rural Asia felt like back in the day; to get devoured by the unadulterated, mystical Buddhist aura of the country, and the infectious smiles of local villagers who remain innocently oblivious to the rapid modernisation transcending beyond. Visit Myanmar before modernisation catches up and strips the country off its rustic, primal beauty. Visit Myanmar NOW. We hope that the images that roll out beneath are going to inspire you to pick up your bags and head out to explore what is truly golden about this mesmeric land.

1. Yangon City Skyline

Images of Myanmar - Yangon City A fascinating skyline shot of Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. Yangon is a sheer to delight explore owing to a motely mix of modern high-rises, gilded Buddhist pagodas, and British colonial architecture.

2. Sunset at U Bein Bridge, Mandalay

Sunset at U Bein Bridge A golden-pink sunset and colourful boats highlight the legendary U Bein Bridge, believed to be the oldest and longest teakwood bridge in the world. Fancy backpacking across Southeast Asia's famous Golden Triangle? Click here to find out the best spots of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos!

3. The Mount Popa Volcano, Mandalay Division

Mount Popa, Myan Majestically jutting out from the lush landscape, Mount Popa is a volcano, home to numerous relic sites and Net temples atop its peak.

4. Ancient Pagodas dotting the Bagan Plains

Myanmar pagodas

The ancient pagodas in Bagan breath-takingly stand out from the lush plains, shimmering under the dramatic skies.

5. The White Pagoda, Inwa ancient city

White Pagoda of Myanmar

At the White Pagoda in the ancient city of Inwa, step back in time as you admire the awe-inspiring architecture of old Buddhist Temples. Travelling to Vietnam on your next holiday? Check out 12 Images of Vietnam That Will Blow Your Mind Away

6. The Golden Karaweik Palace on Kandawgyi Lake

Golden Karaweik Palace in Myanmar

Straddling the eastern shores of Kandawgyi Lake, Yangon, the Golden Karaweik palace, glimmers in the shape of a colossal, golden barge.

7. A carriage waits before the Bagan Plains, Myanmar

Bagan Myanmar

Almost psychedelic in appearance, a colourful carriage waits as its customer soaks in the mysteries of the Bagan pagodas.

8. Kyaikpun Pagoda, Bago

Four Buddhas Myanmar

Facing the four cardinal points of the compass, impressive 30-meter statues of four Buddha’s make the Kyaipun Pagoda a sight worth admiring. Visiting Myanmar's famous neighbour Thailand? Check out the Top Attractions of Thailand!

9. Inle Lake, Shan State

Inle Lake, Myanmar

The picturesque Inle Lake, with its floating villages and markets, charming boats, and verdurous greenery, conjures a stunningly sublime sight.

10. Kambawzathardi Golden Palace

Kambawzathardi Golden Palace

The dazzling, ornate Golden Palace gives visitors a glimpse of the splendour and wealth of the erstwhile Burmese empire.

11. Golden Rock Pagoda, Myanmar

Golden Rock Myanmar

A gargantuan boulder, perched on the summit of Mount Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, precariously defies gravity by balancing on the edge of the mountain. The boulder, and the gilded pagoda on its top, are a massive draw for tourists. The stupefying 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding views are an added bonus.

12. Falam Town, Chin State

Falam Town Burma

Originally founded by the British in 1892, the remote Falam Town is beautifully nestled along the slopes of a mountain range.

13. Hot-air Balloons Soar Above the Bagan Plains

Hot air balloons Myanmar

Resembling the stuff you see in dreams, hot air balloons grandly rise above the Bagan plains, accentuated by a picture-perfect sunset.

14. Burmese Street Food

Burmese Street Food

A street food vendor prepares the famous, delicious, Burmese Mont Lin Ma Yar, referred to by many as the “Husband and Wife Snack”. These crisp bites are a raging hit with the locals.
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