14 Images That Will Make You Fall in LOVE with Kiev and...

14 Images That Will Make You Fall in LOVE with Kiev and its Architecture!

Images of Kiev
While all the conventional European tourist destinations keep vying for the regular attention, Ukraine slowly emerges like an underdog, leaving its visitors stumped with an unforgettably amazing, off-the-map experience. Within its borders, the country packs an unconceivable wealth of tradition, history, landscapes, warm locals, and a vibrant culture. The multiethnic Ukrainian capital of Kiev stands unabashed along the banks of the Dnieper River, with church spires, glistening gold domes, bell towers, and other architectural masterpieces jutting out from its jaw-dropping skyline. The city has more monasteries, cathedrals, and churches than you could possibly count, making up for some of the best architecture and skylines on the planet! Have a look at these 14 images and find out for yourself!

Vydubychi Monastery

Kiev Images The beautiful Vydubychi Monastery nestled on a hill slope with the high-rises of Kiev soaring in the backdrop.

Vozdvizhenka Street

Images of Kiev The vibrant Vozdvizhenka street of Kiev resembles a multi-coloured postcard!

Volodymyr's Cathedral

Images of Ukraine The attractive Volodymyr's cathedral truly stands out amongst the rest!

St.Sophia Cathedral

images of Kiev One of the most coveted landmarks of the city, and also the first heritage site in Ukraine to join the World Heritage List!

Vozdvizhenka Street

Kiev Images A ground view of Vozdvizhenka Street. Imagine savouring a stroll along this colourful maze of cobbled alleys!

Aerial View of Kiev

Kiev images A breath-taking glimpse of Kiev's bustling streets and city center, as the suns melts away into the horizon.

Monastery of the Kiev Caves

Monastery of the Kiev Caves A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this monastery complex is renowned for its numerous architectural monuments, cathedrals, buried monks, and a fascinating underground cave system.

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

St.Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery A functioning monastery in Kiev, the shimmering golden domes of St. Michael's Monastery, overlooking to the Dnieper River, conjure a stunning frame!

Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square

Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square The bustling Maidan Nezalezhnosti Square throbs with life and energy, as the sun goes down.

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Monastery of the Keiv Caves

Kiev Images Also known as 'Kiev Pechersk Lavra', the snow-clad golden domes of the Monastery of the Caves looks equally enticing during winter!

Kiev City and the River Dnieper

Dnieper River A lush green panoramic view of Kiev city, sitting along the banks of the serene Dnieper river.

Views of Postal Square and Podil Neighbourhood

Kiev images A magnificent aerial view of Postal Square (one of the oldest historic squares of Kiev) and Podil neighbourhood (one of the oldest districts of Kiev, home to a plethora of historical and architectural landmarks).

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St Andrew's Church

St. Andrew's Church, Kiev Sitting atop a hill, this beautiful Baroque church in Kiev was constructed in the mid 1700's and was designed by Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli.

Obolon District

Obolon district, Kiev The golden domes of the New Orthodox Church highlighting the night time landscape of Kiev's Obolon district.  
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