14 Reasons To Never Visit Brazil!

14 Reasons To Never Visit Brazil!

Brazil Banner

Visiting Brazil will leave a very bad taste in your mouth!

It has Christ The Redeemer – The most boring statue in the World

Christ The Redeemer, Rio

Slum Infested Rio De Janerio

Rio Slums

The Pathetic Sugarloaf Mountains

Sugarloaf Mountains

The Ugly Tijuca Forest: Why even bother!

Tijuca Forests

The Ordinary Copacabana Beach: Nothing to see here!

Copacabana Beach

Ipanema Beach – Why is this is even mentioned?

Ipanema Beach

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Fishing for some unattractive sights? Let’s see.

Crappy Architectures of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo

Unattractive Sunsets at Bahia-de-Todos-os-Santos


Worst Cityscapes in the city of Salvador

Salvador City

Weird Architectures of Brasilia


Bizarre Buildings – The Itamaraty Palace

Itamaraty Palace

Peculiar Churches – Cathedral-de-Brasilia

Brasilia Cathedral

..and if you’re still not disappointed

Witness the Mediocrity of Iguacu Falls

Iguacu FallsVisit the second-rate Islands of Fernando-de-Noronha


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