14 Unimaginable Facts about the City of Dubai

14 Unimaginable Facts about the City of Dubai

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Dubai is an exceptionally interesting place. Not only because of its development and tourism, but also due to its culture and thinking. People across the globe want to visit this city, while others even decide to settle here. Its perception of highly developed structures, no-income tax, and a lifestyle that is global has attracted many into trying this place. In relation to that, here are some of the most mind-blowing facts about the city of Dubai.

1. Dubai is the world’s fastest growing city.

Dubai the world’s fastest growing city_resized This city in the UAE is always curious to try something new and unique. This time, Dubai is trying to build a city within itself. The new city is projected to be twice the size of Monaco and the climate will be totally controlled. The walkways will be air-conditioned such that you will not even notice that you are in the middle of a desert.

2. The city plans to set up an insane air-conditioning system.

Air conditioner The key thing people are alarmed about when they want to relocate to Dubai for work is the high levels of temperatures that shoot up to 120 degrees Celsius! This means everything needs to be kept cool to make the city liveable. This can be one of the reasons why the cost of having a vacation in Dubai may be quite high.

3. It has zero tolerance for debt.

 zero tolerance for debt

The perception of no-tax, a rich lifestyle, and well-paying jobs means you’ll have to take care of your finances carefully. You will be deported or even serve a term in jail if you allow greed to control you and live a life that is not within your financial capability. Dubai is very strict and does not tolerate debts. This is likely the reason why people abandon their luxury cars, home, and their jobs to run away from the country when in debt.

4. Dubai wants to be the biggest and the best at everything.

Burj Al Arab One of the city’s main goal is to constantly have the best and the biggest of everything. The hotels in Dubai are some of the best and the most luxurious ones on the globe. For instance, the Burj Al Arab is a seven-star hotel, featuring an interior decoration of 1,790 square meters of gold.

5. Dubai is home to Robot Camel Racing.

Camel Robot Race Camel racing remains one of the most famous sports in Dubai, comparable to what hockey is to Canada and football in the US. Given the size of the camel, only kids can take part in racing them. Instead of allowing local children to participate, they use to traffic young children into the country illegally. Ever since the world caught up with the issue, child trafficking has ended in most parts. Dubai has since come up with a solution, and the idea was to replace children with child-sized robots to race the camels. The price for the robots varies from $300 to $10,000.

6. Dubai has no address, no area codes, no zip codes, and no postal systems.

Mailbox Dubai is really growing fast, and due to this, it has no proper address systems. People use spaces left for them to draw a map or write out specific directions such as: “...after you pass the Burj-Khalifa, it’s the first street to the left, red door”. Here’s to hoping you won’t get lost in the city.

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7. You pay no tax in Dubai.

 You pay no tax in Dubai When you take your money to Dubai, you will not have to pay any income tax. People who want to save a good amount of money are highly attracted to Dubai. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because you can also spend a lot of money in this beautiful metropolis.

8. Dubai is in love with gold.

Dubai loves gold Dubai Mall has the Gold to Go ATM that allows you to buy a 24-karat gold weighing 2.5-gram.

9. The police force uses luxurious cars.

The police force uses luxurious cars To impress tourists, the police force in Dubai uses luxurious cars just to prove how “classy” the city is. Their collection includes Lamborghini Aventador ($397,000), the Ferrari FF ($500,000), and an Aston Martin 1-77 ($1.79m).

10. 85% of Dubai’s population comprises expatriates.

10. 85% of Dubai’s population comprises expatriates The Emiratis population is estimated to be around 15 percent, while foreign residents make up 85 percent of the overall populace. Workers who migrated from, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh build hundreds of skyscrapers in Dubai.

11. Dubai takes pride of its artificial islands.

Dubai Artifical Island The construction for Dubai’s Palm Island required 94 million cubic meters of sand. The sand is enough to fill 2.5 empire state buildings.

12. Dubai has the most number of cranes.

Dubai has the most number of cranes As a fast-growing city, Dubai has a lot of upcoming skyscrapers. Cranes are used extensively for building purpose. 24 percent of all cranes are in this thriving metropolitan area.

13. Dubai has the world’s largest gold chain.

13. Dubai’s has the world’s largest gold chain In Dubai, there is the world’s largest gold chain, which is made of 22kgs of gold and stretches to 4.2 kilometres.

14. Dubai has an indoor skiing facility.

Indoor Ski

There is an indoor ski resort in Dubai. Ski Dubai occupying an area of 22,500 square meters, features the biggest indoor snow park in the world.

Here’s a bonus fact: There are far more men than women.

More men than women According to the official census statistics, out of 2.5 million population, 1.7 million is male, which is almost 70 percent of the total population.

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