15 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Argentina Right Away!

15 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Argentina Right Away!

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Wondering which international destination to cover next? Don’t overthink and book a flight to Argentina, a Latin American country presenting natural wonders and man-made marvels to all. It has lots more to fascinate travellers! If you are falling short of reasons to visit Argentina, the brief list below is the perfect thing for you. Go through it with no seed of doubt in your mind.

Iguazu Falls – the planet’s biggest waterfalls system is found in this country!

Iguazu Waterfalls

Learn about the nation’s colonial and revolutionary history at the Salta Cabildo Museum

Salta Cabildo Museum

The humungous Monte Fitz Roy nestled between Argentina and Chile

Monte Fitz Roy

Have the lip-smacking Asado to beat your hunger


Perito Moreno Glacier, a massive mass of ice spread across an area of 121 square miles

Perito Moreno Glacier

Visit Cathedral of Córdoba, the central church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Córdoba

Cathedral of Córdoba

Appreciate the beauty and soak in the tranquillity at Lake Correntoso

Lake Correntoso

Caminito, a colourful and admirable street museum in Buenos Aires


Watch a nail-biting football match in Argentina

Football Argentina

The spectacular Iberá Wetlands consisting of lagoons, swamps, stagnant lakes and more

Iberá Wetlands

Take part in the annual Argentina Carnival to observe the inexplicable enthusiasm of the locals

Argentina Carnival

The flavoursome Fried Beef Empanadas (baked or fried bread stuffed with succulent meat) are just unmissable!

Fried Beef Empanadas

Spend some part of your leisure time at the iconic Congressional Plaza

Congressional Plaza

Explore vibrant cities like Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Mendoza and more!

Buenos Aires

Taste Yerba mate, often used as an energy drink by people in Latin America, especially in Argentina

Yerba mate

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