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The Sultanate of Oman – a country blessed with dramatic landscapes, stunning natural beauty, endless coastlines, rich history, cultural traditions and friendly people. Oman holidays are an ideal getaway to experience this amazing country in the Middle East. In addition to the long stretches of coast dotted with fishing boats and shaded with palm trees, nestled amidst sprawling date plantations and remote valleys are beautiful mudbrick villages, mystical souks, exquisite palaces, craggy chains of canyons and towering mountains, mesmerising aquamarine wadis, and golden sand dunes, making the sultanate of Oman one of the best destinations in Middle East. A visit to Oman is a must, if you’re looking to get an essence of traditional Arabia. Here are top reasons why Oman should be your next travel destination in 2016.

It’s time to unearth an undiscovered jewel of Arabia, before you realise what you are missing!

1. Stunning, secluded beaches

secluded beaches in Oman

2. Omani architecture is intricate, unique, and colourful

Omani architecture

3. If you’re a shopaholic, Oman’s many souks offer an unparalleled experience, Nizwa market

shopping in Oman

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4. Visit Sur to watch the migration of turtles

5. Contemporary Islamic architecture in Oman’s capital city of Muscat, The Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque, Oman

6. Hike the highest mountain in Arabia and marvel at Oman’s Grand Canyon

Oman’s Grand Canyon

7. In Oman’s capital city of Muscat, there is a mosque at every other street-corner, each more beautiful than the last

8. Cruise the ‘Norway of Arabia’ in the Musandam Peninsula

Musandam Peninsula

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9. Explore the Wahiba Sands – with its infinite golden desert, camels, and Bedouins, this desert looks like something out of a movie

the Wahiba Sands

10. Muscat city by night, Oman

8. Muscat city by night, Oman

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11. Oman is a driver’s paradise too. Especially if you like adventurous off-roading…

12. Hidden caves in Oman

Hidden caves in Oman13. Bahla fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

14. A “Wadi” is a valley or ravine, Wadi Shab – The Turquoise Jewel of Oman

Wadi Shab 15. Omani hospitality and gastronomy