15 Scenic Road Drives Which Will Be Etched In Your Memories Forever…

15 Scenic Road Drives Which Will Be Etched In Your Memories Forever…

Scenic drive, early morning
There are several scenic roads around the world, each with its own charm and natural beauty. Driving down these stunning tarmacs are in itself a memorable affair. Check out 15 such beautiful roads around the world…

1. Outback, Northern Territory, Australia

The desert road of the Outback in Australia

Imagine driving through an endless stretch of a road in the vast wilderness of Australian outback. Barren land filled with rust-coloured earth, thin shrubs and clear blue sky are your sole companions for endless miles.  

2. Shady Drive, Languedoc, France

Canopy of trees enhancing the beauty of the road France’s Languedoc region is famous for its vineyards and fine quality wines and needless to say, driving down its winding roads through the countryside is an amazing journey. Green rolling vineyards and wineries are its added charms.

3. Coastal Road, Isle Of Skye, Scotland

Coastal Road, Isle of Skye

The Coastal Road in the Isle of Skye, Scotland is famed for its dramatic landscape filled with hairpin turns, virgin mountains, beautiful lakes and an endless stretch of Atlantic Sea. Driving down the Coastal Road is always a challenging but very rewarding experience.  

4. Autumn Road, North Georgia, USA

Autumn Road, USA

Every year during the autumn season, the US State of Georgia become one of the most colourful places on the planet.  Driving down the roads of Georgia seems like moving through a fairyland as the autumn colours of bright red, yellow, green and orange under a deep blue sky makes a very memorable and colourful drive.

5. Lake Garda, Italy

Scenic road near Mountain Ledro lake

Deep blue Lake Garda shimmers while you drive down the winding roads to reach the beautiful Italian resort town of Lake Garda. Winding roads offer stunning views of Lake Garda and lure you to its scenic resort town with each turns.  

6. King’s Highway, Jordan

The winding road of King's Highway in Jordan The King’s Highway in Jordan lead the tourists to the famous Nabatean city of Petra. The landscape resembles like lunarscape especially, while traversing through the numerous wadis and deserts of Jordan. The vast barren land harbour layers of history and civilization in its mystery.

7. Crete, Greece

Mountain roads and serpentines of Crete

Driving in the beautiful roads of Crete, Greece feels like returning back to the time in this once fabled land which has seen the dramatic rise and fall of the Greek Civilization in the antiquity. Olive plantation and vineyards dotted the roadside while small sea side villages and hospitable Greeks greet you along the way.  

8. Coastal Road in Connemara, Ireland

The scenic road of Coastal Road in Ireland Connemara in West Ireland is filled with stunning natural landscapes and driving down its Coastal Road is a sheer delight to human eyes.

9. Piedmont, Italy

The green rolling hills of Piedmont, Italy

Piedmont region of Italy is renowned for its wine and driving down its alpine country is an experience of lifetime as you can admire the sheer beauty of green rolling hills, lush valleys filled with coniferous forest and farmyards.

10. Fanad Peninsula, Ireland

The iconic road of Fanad Peninsula, Ireland

Fanad Peninsula in Ireland’s north is renowned for its dramatic cliffs and spectacular sea waves crashing into the sharp, craggy rocks. Driving in the coastal roads all the way to the northern most point is an amazing adventure.  

11. Cherry Tree Hill, Barbados

The road running parallel to the coastline

The tropical paradise of Barbados is renowned for its white beaches, stunning sunsets and the typical Caribbean culture. Even the roads are scenic especially the Cherry Tree Hill, which is covered by green tropical rainforest. 

12. Asturias, Spain

The stunning road in Spain

Green rolling hills and white snow-capped peaks of Alps greet you as you drive in Asturias, Spain. The autonomous region that lies on the border of Spain and France is the country’s small portion of Alps.  

13. Oxfordshire, England

Paved road running away with curl among lush trees

The fabled country of Oxfordshire in England is a memorable sight. Acres of green farmyards filled with trees and quintessential English villages are your constant companions while on the beautiful roads.

14. Monument Valley, USA

The iconic road of Monument Valley, USA

Driving down the spectacular Monument Valley in the US state of Utah is a must-do iconic road journey for road trippers and self-drive enthusiast. The scenic beauty of Utah’s vast natural parks coupled with the mysterious sandstone formations is surely an experience to enjoy.

15. Route 66, New Mexico, USA

The ever so famous rough terrain of Route 66, USA

Route 66 in the United States of America is one of the most iconic highways and a must do list and dream from each and every self-drive tours. Drive down the Route 66 stretch of New Mexico which share the borders with Mexico and savour the local Mexican delicacies in its quaint small pubs and towns.

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