2 Day Itinerary of Baku: Best Way to Explore this Azerbaijan City

2 Day Itinerary of Baku: Best Way to Explore this Azerbaijan City

Baku - The Capital City of Azerbaijan
Baku - The Capital City of Azerbaijan

Baku City Night View
NIght Panoramic View of Baku City

Baku, the Capital of Azerbaijan is a city of juxtapositions with the Baku Flame Towers in the background, the Old Soviet buildings and the modern Azeri buildings. Baku City is fascinating with contemporary architectural demeanor which is sure to leave you with a sense of excitement and joy. Azerbaijan has gone through a lot of cultural upheavals and this transition is quite evident if you take a trip to Baku. We have put together a 2 day Baku Itinerary wherein you are sure to experience the highlights of the city.

2 Days in Baku: The perfect itinerary to discover this gem of Azerbaijan!

Day 1: Exploring the Old & New City

The Old City Tour of Baku
The Old City of Baku

When visiting a new city, there is nothing more delightful than just strolling around and taking in the vibes and surprisingly, Baku is quite a walk able city. There are free, guided walking tours of the city where the guide will give you a good background about the history of Baku along with some strange lesser known facts. Here are some places to visit in Baku that we strongly recommend:

  1. Baku Old City
  2. Fountain Square
  3. Inside and outside of Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center
  4. Sunset at the Upland Park
  5. Palace of Shirvanshahs
  6. Maiden Tower
  7. Philharmonic Hall
  8. Palace of Happiness
  9. Bibi-Heyat Mosque
  10. Flame Towers
Fountain Square of Baku
Baku Fountain Square, Capital city of Azerbaijan

If you are more of a sit back and relax person, then we suggest you opt for an organized Baku City Tour. These tours give an inside perspective and if you are a fan of quirky facts about a new place, then this is your boot.

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Heydar Aliyev Mosque, Baku
Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, Baku

We highly recommend you enjoy the sunset in the Upland Park viewpoint and stay a bit longer to attend the light show which takes place daily at 8:30 PM. Arguably one of the coolest thing about Baku is its neighboring Caspian Sea, which isn’t really a sea but the largest salt water lake in the world. Enjoy the view of the entire Baku city beside the Caspian Sea from the Upland Park.

Find Baku interesting? We have a few customized Baku Itineraries for you!
View of the Caspian Sea from Upland Park-Baku
View of the Caspian Sea from Upland Park-Baku
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Day 2 : Mud Volcanoes, Gobustan and Lots of Fire

On your second day in Baku, we recommend you step out of the city a bit to experience some of the weirdest yet the most beautiful sights around.

The Mud Volcanoes

Baku is one of the very few places in the world that has mud volcanoes, which in itself is a rare phenomenon. These are naturally formed bubbly mud pots that look like mini volcanoes dotted across a flat area of dirt.

The Mud Volcanoes of Baku
The Mud Volcanoes of Baku
Gobustan Petroglyphs

If you are a natural history nerd then this is the place for you. This landscape covers three area of a plateau like rocky boulders in a semi-desert area with an outstanding collection of 6000 rock engravings bearing testimony to more than 40,000 years of rock art all upholding intensive human history of the Ice Age, Cave Age, Paleolithic down to the Middle Ages. Due to its rich history, Gobustan Petroglyphs is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

Gobustan Petroglyphs, the oldest stone engravings in Baku
Gobustan Petroglyphs, the oldest stone engravings in Baku
Ateshgah Fire Temple

This is a pilgrimage site for the Zoroastrian faith and this temple was built sometime between the 17th and 18th century where you can learn about the history of fire worship and the current traditions surrounding it.

Astaphor Temple, one of the oldest Zoroastrian Temple in Baku
Astaphor Temple, one of the oldest Zoroastrian Temple in Baku

Baku is an interesting city to visit and we would recommend dividing your two days in the city into exploring the city on Day 1 and dissecting the outskirts with some religious as well as cultural history on Day 2.

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