2 Days in romantic Prague – 48 Hours to Cover it All!

2 Days in romantic Prague – 48 Hours to Cover it All!

2 Days in Prague
Spring time views of the Valtava River, and Prague Old City
Prague is a magical city of castles, spires, gothic churches and baroque buildings. The beautiful capital of the Czech Republic is a popular tourist destination for those touring Europe. Trying to experience the best with just 2 days in Prague may seem difficult but is quite possible! The best plan is to spend one day enjoying all the historic monuments of the city, enjoy a pub crawl in the evening and spend the next day exploring the more off-beat destinations in Prague such as markets, art galleries or even amusement parks. You can choose aspects from the suggested itinerary below, for enjoying a wholesome 48 hours in Prague:

Day 1 in Prague

48 hours in Prague
Trendy streets of Prague
On the first day of your 2 days in Prague, you can choose to make use of the excellent subway and tram services of Prague, which connect all corners of the city. Most heritage attractions are connected by either buses, trams or the metro so getting around within the city is going to be easy. >> Pay a visit to Prague Castle and Charles Bridge for starters. Prague Castle is a huge place that needs a lot of time to be explored, so if you have other plans for sightseeing, make sure to spend only a little time here. The queues for entering are also pretty long, especially during tourist season and the holidays >> Next, you can visit the Old Town, where the awe-inspiring Prague Astronomical Clock stands, showing zodiac signs, moon signs and other astronomical projections whenever the clock strikes.  >> When in Old Town, you can also choose to check out the local market for souvenirs, although remember to bargain hard when purchasing items here.
Prague's Old Town Square in the Spring season
>> You can also spend some time at the Vitus Cathedral towards late afternoon, after you have had a filling lunch at one of the many restaurants near the cathedral. >> Pay a visit to the Franz Kafka Museum and the Old Town Square to understand the heritage and culture of the city better. By the time you are finished exploring these places, it will be time for the much-awaited pub-hopping. >> In Prague, pub-hopping is like a religion, followed most diligently. You can start by visiting the area near Prague Castle, where a plethora of bars and nightclubs offer patrons a chance to enjoy their evenings in the company of like-minded people. But remember, the entire premise of pub-hopping is to not spend too much time at one place, and to keep moving after a drink or two. You can enjoy pub crawling till late at night, after which retiring to your hotel is a good idea since you will have another eventful day planned.

Day 2 in Prague – with kids

Lennon Wall
>> On the second day of your 2 days in Prague, you can choose to visit quirkier places in Prague such as the Dancing House, a curving building that has become a popular attraction of the city. >> The Lennon Wall is also a good place to enjoy a couple of hours, reading and admiring the political, and sometimes satirical graffiti that the wall has been covered in.

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>> Today is also a good day to check out the local markets of Prague, for picking up bargains such as leather items, handmade chocolates and candies, electronic items and of course, some delicious snacks to take back home. You can recreate many of the Czech Republic dishes such as Goulash and dumplings, with the spices that you buy from Prague.
2 days in Prague
A beautiful evening in Stromovka Park, Prague
>> If you’re travelling with family, Prague has plenty of options to keep your kids from getting bored! You’ve got 60 museums to choose from – but if you must narrow down to a few, head to Letná district of Prague. It has child-friendly museums like the National Agricultural Museum with ride-on tractors, play kitchens and computer games and the National Technical Museum that will mesmerize your children with its remarkable collection of vintage trains, cars and airplanes. >> If you have time, visit the Kampa Island, where a Venice-like architecture will greet you. There are canals here that work as streets, connecting neighborhoods to each other. But remember to not be so mesmerized with the destination, that you miss your transport out of the city. >> Spending 2 days in Prague and covering all that the city has to offer might be a hectic event, but it is sure to be worth your while.

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