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Straddled between Eastern Europe and Asia, somewhere amidst the arresting beautiful Caucasus Mountains and the spectacular Black Sea, lies the small mountainous country of Georgia. Formerly a part of the Soviet Union, some say this country is the epitome of striking scenic beauty. But we disagree. I mean, so what if Georgia is packed with delightful small towns, delectable cuisine, remarkably ancient landmarks, and stunning churches and monasteries? Or that it is one of the planet’s most popular wine-producing regions? We simply don’t understand why this small, mysterious country is quickly becoming one of Europe’s hottest new destinations because clearly, these aren’t enough reasons to visit a country, right?

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Here are 21 very, very logical and honest reasons you should never, ever visit Georgia:-

(PS- In case you haven’t noticed yet, this is a sarcastic post and is NOT meant to be taken literally)

1] The locals are not so welcoming…. isn’t it?

2] It’s food, not appetizing, enough….

Delicious food of Georgia 3] Seriously, just look at that picture. So off-putting, right?

Best food to try in Georgia 4] The country has absolutely no charm or scenic beauty

Snow kissed peaks of Georgia, Europe5] None whatsoever

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Green pastures of Georgia, Europe 6] Even the capital city of Tbilisi has nothing new to offer

The stunning view of Tbilisi 7] I mean, would you just look at how ugly, it is?

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Tbilisi at night 8] Who would ever want to visit this place?

The wonderful bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia 9] I would never walk down its streets

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The old world charm of Tbilisi city 10] Or visit any of its churches either

11] And what’s with its markets?

The spice market of Georgia, Europe12] Who needs so much variety at such cheap rates? Interested in Shopping in Georgia?

13] Don’t even get me started on the rest of Georgia, it’s absolutely unimpressive!

The beautiful scenery of Tbilisi, Georgia

14] The country has no diversity at all!

The blue stunning lake in Georgia, Europe 15] Well, there is Gudauri, the youngest and most promising ski resort in the southern region of Greater Caucasus Mountains. But who cares?

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Skiing in the snow kissed mountains of Georgia, Europe 16] Skiing and snowboarding would be so boring here.

17] Georgia is supposed to have been the birthplace of wine, and boasts of some of the world’s best vineyards. But… bleh.

18] And so what if Georgia is home to Europe’s highest village? After all, Ushguli is only at a height of 6,900 feet above sea level.

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The picturesque town of Svaneti 19] Even the sea port town of Batumi is so… whatever…

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The beach-side town of Batumi 20] Georgian visas are so easy to get, it’s appalling! Who would want something that’s so easy to get? Read more on Georgia visa requirements 

21] And finally, there are no scenic road trips you can take in Georgia.

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Our Reader Score
[Total: 13 Average: 2.7]