Weekend Getaways # 1: 4 Places to Visit in Zurich

Weekend Getaways # 1: 4 Places to Visit in Zurich

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When I was making my way to Zurich last summer, I wondered what the largest city of Switzerland offered to tourists. There were spectacular sightseeing attractions for first-timers like me. To help you answer this relevant question, I have listed below four such destinations exclusively for you. You will wholeheartedly love them!

The magnificent Lake Zurich
The magnificent Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich

Personally, I am not a big fan of lakes but Lake Zurich really did blow my mind. On the lower side of Lake Zurich is a whole bunch of gardens, parks, and promenades. The entire place is filled with picnickers, sunbathers and boats. The sight is truly magical! Throughout the day, the locals provide boat rides of one-and-half-hour. I managed to hop into one of them. The ride ended up giving me the best vistas of Zurich and the Alps.

Old Town

Zurich’s Old Town will take you back into medieval times. The cobblestone roads are complimented with ancient buildings such as Lindenhof, Minster of Our Lady church and Bahnhofstrasse. Several nightclubs for the night spirits can be found here.

Uetliberg Mountain

From Old Town I went to the Uetliberg Mountain that stands way above sea level. It is safe to say that hiking wasn’t easy; however, the view at the end of it was simply breathtaking! Other travellers may prefer bike riding and sledding.

National Museum Of Zurich

Arguably the most fascinating museum of the country, the National Museum presents artifacts dating back to the 4th Century BC. There were too many things to cover from medieval, religious frescoes to weapons to entire Swedish history. Also, they provided us with free guided iPod tour in English.

While there are many hotspots to visit in Zurich, the 4 places mentioned above are a must if you are a first timer in Switzerland. It is rather seldom you'll find someone dissatisfied with their experience in the gorgeous Zurich.

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