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Backpacking is the cool term we use for budget travelling, and travelling without going broke is everyone’s dream now. Being constantly run over by the steamroller of deadlines, responsibilities and events we’d rather not attend, backpacking can be a sweet relief for the young professionals. Today we are going to share a solid map of places you can easily go backpacking in 2017.


Cambodia is usually a one-stop destination for people on a Thailand trip – they come here for a day to visit the Diamond Rush famous Angkor Wat. For the backpackers though, Cambodia is a little known haven with beaches, islands and exotic little towns. You can easily afford a trip to Cambodia with a very tight budget, as it is, unfortunately, one of the poorest tourism countries in Asia.


Vietnam is another destination for backpackers going to Thailand. The famous Ha Long Bay is not the only site to see here, you got a countryside with unique beauty and towns with eccentric rituals here in Vietnam. The tours, transportation, lodging, food and shopping – everything is quite reasonably priced here.


Thai food and the luxury resorts of Thailand is popular all over the world, but did you know about the less known, backpacker-friendly side of Thailand? In the northern side of the country lies Chiang Mai, a hill station with amazing Buddhist temples, magnificent architectural structures and breezy rice fields. Affordable Thai dishes and cheap backpacker beds are the greatest advantage of this side of Thailand.


Nepal is the ultimate destination for backpackers. Combining a mystical landscape with world’s most coveted adventure (trekking Mt.Everest), Nepal has many things to offer. One US dollar is more than 100 rupee in Nepal at the moment, which is why there is no better time to travel Nepal than 2017. You can visit classic temples, the birthplace of Goutam Buddha, ancient clock towers and Tibetan monasteries in Nepal. The lodging and food services of Nepal are quite cheap. You will not have to spend money behind visa as they have a very convenient visa-on-arrival system.


If you want variety in your plate that can be accommodate easily, India is the place to go. Mountains, deserts, rivers, waterfalls, metropolis, ethnic cities – there is nothing that India doesn’t have. Being a land of cultural festivities, India will provide you with comfortable hostel and hotel services and amazing delicacies at probably the cheapest rate in the world. Indian government buses and railways are safe, fast and cheap as well, using which you could visit various parts of this big, big country.

Here we have highlighted the most important factors for any backpacker – cheap food, affordable lodging, reasonably priced tours and proper value for money. Besides these, there are individual factors attracting each traveler. We do hope that our tips will help you find your own adventure in these five places. Good luck!