5 Awesome Experiences – Dubai by the Night

5 Awesome Experiences – Dubai by the Night

Dubai Fountain front view
By the day, Dubai is a man-made marvel laced with architectural wonders while by the night, it’s the shimmering starshine! The beauty of UAE’s busiest city is in no way constrained by the timings. Whether it’s a family night outing, a shopping spree or a lovers’ stroll, the city of gold has something for everyone.
Dubai fountain tourists clicking pictures
Tourists capturing essence of the beautiful Dubai Fountain
Let us take a look at these 5 awesome Dubai night activities and experience UAE’s gem with a whole new perspective:

Things to do in Dubai at Night:

1. Visit the Global Village:

Global Village Entrance
The colorful entrance; Global Village, Dubai
Situated on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road in Dubailand, Global Village is a seasonal one stop entertainment and shopping destination, showcasing cultural merchandise and attractions from many different regions. The event is held during the winters (usually October – April).
Global village Dubai 2
Rides, Park and Fireworks
With firework displays and stage show events, this family getaway destination offers amazing food, shops, games and rides for kids and adults alike for a minimal admission fee of AED 15. Global Village opens at 4 p.m and goes on till midnight on usual days (Saturdays-Wednesdays). However, it extends for an extra hour on Fridays and public holidays (Mondays are for families with kids and ladies only).

2. Listen to the beautiful Dubai Fountain:

Dubai Fountain front view
Dancing water streams, Dubai Fountain
What could be more epic than watching 500 ft high, gigantic water streams dance, choreographed on your favorite tracks? One of its most famous attractions, the Dubai Fountain offers you this breathtaking visual melody just outside the Dubai Mall, of which a 5-minute show will leave you smiling blissfully. Scheduled every evening until late midnight (6 p.m – 11 p.m), watching this fountain can be one of the best things to do in Dubai at night. 
Dubai Fountain Aerial
With the recently constructed floating platform, the Dubai fountain is as close as mere 9 meters!
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3. Browse at Dubai Night Market:

Dubai Night Markets, particularly the famous Gold souk and Spice souk at Diera, make a great night out destination!!
Gold Souk Dubai
The Gold souk has the World's Heaviest Ring, the 64kg Najmat Taiba
Big on jewelry hunting? Meet Dubai’s finest. Home to several selections of jewelry and gemstones, the glittering Gold Souk is one of the finest places to visit in Dubai at night for free, even if you’re not buying.
Spice Souk Dubai
A popular shopping destination for chefs; The Spice souk
A brisk walk from the Gold souk will lead you to one of the biggest spice gallery, the Spice souk. With a vast collection of imports from India, Pakistan and Iran, the aromatic atmosphere alone is worth the visit. The souks are open everyday from 10 a.m to 10 p.m except on Fridays(4 p.m-10 p.m). So, grab on your bargaining pants and head straight to Diera!

4. Spend an evening in the desert:

Dubai night safari performer
Performers entertaining the crowd, Dubai desert night safari.
One of the finest things to do in Dubai at night with family, a relaxing safari in the desert can teach you a lot about Dubai’s heritage. Explore the desert and enjoy a lively BBQ while savoring the cultural beauty. Experience the authenticity which is in stark contrast to the glitzy Dubai you see every day. Enjoy a great family outing in the oasis, appreciate the local art and dine like a king! Looking to enjoy Dubai without burning a hole in your pocket? Here are 19 Things To Do In Dubai That’ll Cost You Less Than 50 AED

5. Experience “The Walk” at Jumeirah Beach Residency:

the walk jbr
Your one stop shopping, relaxing and entertainment destination
And if you’re looking to just chill out, what better than The Walk at JBR, one of the many places to visit in Dubai at night for free! Browse through a vast collection of local and international retails, applaud street performers or just pick a sea-facing view in some of the finest restaurants of Dubai.
Al seef night
Al Seef, Dubai
While these were just some of the things to do in Dubai in the evening, a lot remains unexplored. Visit Al Seef and witness remains of the days gone by, jump on to the Dhow cruise or explore Bur Dubai and watch this UAE's gem open up to you!! Also read: 101 Things To Do In Dubai
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