5 Epic European Music Festivals to Watch Out For In 2016

5 Epic European Music Festivals to Watch Out For In 2016

5 Epic European Music Festivals to Watch Out For In 2015
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sziget music festWhat: Sziget – The Island of Freedom 

When: August 10 – August 17, 2016 

Where: Budapest, Hungary

 One of the best and largest music festivals around Europe, Sziget is a sizzling fiesta that knocks you out with its sheers variety of music experiences, a top-notch performance line-up, a string of entertaining activities, and of course, its location smack in the middle of Europe. Going strong since 1993, this week-long music mania takes place on the island of Odudai-sziget in the Danube, and offers a power-packed combination of music, entertainment, food, art, regional culture and electrifying performances. With more than a dizzy 1,000 performances in a week, Sziget boasts of some of the biggest names from the world of pop, rock and electronic music.  

sonar music festWhat: Sonar

When: June 16 to June 18, 2016

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Look no further than Sonar to immerse yourself into every aspect of music you can possibly think of! Held in Barcelona, Spain, this three-day festival is constantly on the pulse, especially when it comes to electronic music. Started in 1994, the experience at Sonar goes way beyond than just being an audience at a music concert. That’s right, Sonar hybrids the festive experience by throwing in trade shows, tech fairs showcasing top-notch gadgets, showcase of movies, arthouse documentaries and the likes. All-in-all, the head-on collision of music, technology and art sure seems to turn the heat on for this terrific music festival.
glastonbury music fest
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What: Glastonbury

When: June 22 to June 26, 2016

Where: Pilton, Somerset, England

If there’s one music festival that modern music festivals could refer to as their granddaddy, it has got to be the Glastonbury festival. Spread over 5 days, this throbbing festival has had music lovers going bonkers since 1970! Attended by hipsters and hippies alike, the Glastonbury Festival features the finest rock, pop, electronic, reggae, folk and heavy metal artists, and is attended by over 150,000 people! Held in Pilton, England, this is the largest Greenfield festival in the world. Soak in England’s wet summer while you camp amid hundreds of thousands of tents. Free your spirit, unleash the wild party animal in you, pack your rain boots, and get ready for five days of sheer musical madness.
tommorrowland music fest
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 What: Tomorrowland

When: July 22 to July 24, 2016

Where: Boom, Belgium

 If you have EDM throbbing in every vein of your body, Tomorrowland is your temple. Brace yourself as the world’s best DJs and electronic music-makers head to Boom, Belgium, to present to you one of the most outrageously amazing musical festivals of all time. Complete with more than 15 stages, explosive butterflies, smoke cannons, disco balls, confetti and everything you can possibly think of, Tomorrowland has been giving music lovers an EDM high since 2005. Their massive camping ground is armed with every type of food and drink you can imagine, to quench your appetite as you dance away to the pulsating electronic beats. With its dreamlike visuals and world class music, Tomorrowland is an experience you definitely need to drown in.
roskilde music fest
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What: Roskilde Festival

When: 25 June to July 2, 2016

Where: Roskilde, Denmark

Taking music aficionados to the stunning Scandinavian lands of Denmark, the Roskilde Festival is the largest music festival in Northern Europe. Yet another big boy when it comes to music festivals, Roskilde has been rocking the scene since 1971. The Roskilde foundation took over the festival in 1972, and ever since, the festival has been running as a non-profit organisation, raising huge amounts of money for a good cause. A winning combination of great music, Dutch culture, the borderline insane vibe and a charitable cause are what set the Roskilde Festival apart from other music festivals.