5 Haunted Places in UAE Only Brave-hearts will dare to visit

5 Haunted Places in UAE Only Brave-hearts will dare to visit


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People travel for a variety of reasons. Some travel in search of peace and tranquillity, while others look for adventure and that all elusive adrenaline rush. If you belong to the latter group, you may find this article especially intriguing, particularly if you believe in ghosts, jinn or paranormal activities. Check out our list of 5 haunted places in UAE, and let us know where they rate on your ‘spook-o-meter’!

Al Jazirah Al Hamra

5 haunted places in UAE At just an hour’s drive from Dubai, this ‘abandoned’ village of Jazirat Al Hamra, in Ras Al Khaimah is famous for all the wrong reasons. As you walk through its empty streets, an eerie silence welcomes you. The derelict homes which were once inhabited by three indigenous tribes stare blankly at the few visitors brave enough to visit it. Everyone who visits it is warned never to visit past dark as the the village is rumored to be ruled by fearsome ‘Jinns’ who are are known to come out at nightfall!

Pan Emirates and The Tunnel

haunted places of uae If passing through a dark, seemingly endless tunnel doesn't seem quite enough to make you quiver in fear, reserve your judgement until you visit this one! The tunnel is infamous for numerous spooky mishaps and eerie occurrences. There are even reports of people claiming that they can feel someone standing beside them while passing through the tunnel. In addition to this, the neighboring building on the same road which is built right in front of an old cemetery has some rather unsettling stories of moving furniture & broken windows.

Sharjah’s Al Dhaid Road

5 haunted places of UAE An innocent picture clicked to commemorate a visit turned out to be a spook-fest for an innocent sales manager and his family. While on a short vacation to Sharjah, Namit Vyas, stopped by the Interchange 9 on Sharjah’s Al Dhaid Road to click a picture of his wife and daughter. What came next was enough to scare the daylights out of anyone let alone mild mannered Namit. The picture showed a ghostly figure with outstretched arms standing just next to his wife and daughter. It immediately went viral and while a few were spooked others challenged its authenticity hinting at possible use of Photoshop! While the jury's still out on whether it's genuine there's no doubting the unsettling nature of the photograph itself!

Al Qasimi

5 haunted places of UAE Once one of the most expensive palaces in the UAE, today Al Qasimi is no better than an allegedly haunted ruin. Built almost 25 years ago on a lavish budget of AED 500 Million, the place was said to be ‘strange’ from the word go. It's been abandoned for 20 years now, and many locals claim they have seen children peeping through the palace’s windows; staring at the passer by or even crying out to them.

Building 4 - Jumeirah

haunted places of UAE This particular house screams 'haunted' right from the get-go!  From the groan of a man, to the cries of a baby in the dead of the night - Building 4 of Jumeirah has experienced more than a dozen instances of paranormal activity! This seven-bedroom building was a home to a group of Filipinos who claimed to have seen ghosts for over a year, back in 2011. A number of locals fear that the spirits within the house have the ability to possess anyone who comes near it!