5 Incredible Live Music Venues in Madrid, Spain

5 Incredible Live Music Venues in Madrid, Spain

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The dynamic music scene of Madrid makes it a true paradise for music buffs! Individuals, especially tourists, can enjoy a wide variety of genres from ‘jazz’, ‘country’ to ‘black metal’ in the Spanish capital that has slowly become one of Europe’s leading live music destinations. If you are planning to visit Madrid and are looking to attend gigs or concerts, we introduce you to some of the best live music venues in this city which is brimming with music! Include them in your itinerary to make your travel experience in Spain genuinely rocking!

El Junco

El Junco is a fantastic club that pays its tribute to live music, improvisation, and the freshness associated with jazz, funk, and soul. Jam sessions are conducted on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Talented DJs flaunt their master-skills to the audience. Concerts are held from time to time for grabbing the attention of potential customers. Location: Plaza Sta. Bárbara, 10, 28004 Madrid

Honky Tonk Bar Room

Honky Tonk Bar Room lets you indulge in blues and local rock which shows elements of jazz and country music. This small concert hall was established in 1980s and has been renowned since then. Open throughout the year, the entrance fee of Honky Tonk Bar Room is only 22 AED. Go for the extensive assortment of malt whiskies served here. Location: Calle Covarrubias, 24, 28010 Madrid Live Music DJ

El Sol

So, you know what’s the best thing to do in El Sol? Here’s your answer: On a weekend attend its lively concert presenting classic rock and pop mixed with current music. This runs till the sunrise, next day. The crowd is mostly young, in their 20s and 30s. The vibe of this place will win everyone’s hearts. Location: Calle Jardines, 3, 28013 Madrid

Costello Club

Costello Club is a legendary club where travellers can come to watch the performance of their favorite bands. In the audience, you may spot popular and well-known artists admiring the performances. Step into this club on a weekday as weekends are heavily packed. Tip: Do taste the lip-smacking cocktails offered here. Location: Calle Caballero de Gracia, 10, 28013 Madrid

Café Central

Jazz lovers, prepare to be delighted at this outstanding café which is on the list of the world's best jazz clubs. Café Central has hosted over 10,000 concerts over a span of more than three decades. It presents foot-tapping jazz music to all. Generally speaking. each band plays for a week followed by another one. The ticket price depends on the band that’s performing in Café Central. Location: Plaza del Ángel, 10, 28012 Madrid Madrid Package