5 Kickass Reasons Why November Should Be Your ‘holiday’ Month

5 Kickass Reasons Why November Should Be Your ‘holiday’ Month

The Mountain of Fansipan, Sapa, Vietnam
Planning your November vacation? Curious to know which are the best places to visit in November and why? Read on…

1. November travel is cheap

Budget is a make or break element of any vacation. Whether you are a backpacker or someone who likes to travel in style – you will agree money is a major aspect of your travelling plan. The biggest reason why November travel cheap is the fact that most people just don’t travel between November and the first couple of weeks of December (Hey, we will travel during Xmas vacations, right?) and hence November is one month when the travel industry constantly struggles to sell rooms and seats. Cheap places to visit in November: Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt etc.

2. November is a shoulder season

Fall colors at Moutain-side, Ukraine
Fall colors at Moutain-side, Ukraine
Hate long queues? Detest those oh-its-so-crowded-I-can’t-breathe kind of tourist spots? Looking for some quietude? Worry not, the month of November is at your rescue! November is a shoulder season for almost all the major regions around the world. Shoulder season is a less popular time to travel than high season, which means, the laws of supply and demand dictate the airlines, hotels and other travel-related businesses, compelling them to lower their prices in order to continue attracting business. As a customer, this is nothing but good news, for it puts forth multiple opportunities to save. Off-peak destinations to visit in November: South Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Ukraine.

3. November weather is just right!

You must be wondering what’s the catch, right? Fewer tourists, low prices – the weather must be awful isn’t it? WRONG. If you choose to be at the right place at the right time, there is no way why you will have to endure less than perfect climate. The snow season has already begun at Zermatt, the cherry blossoms are at full bloom in Japan and Cape town is drenched with spring spirit. All you need to do is book your tickets to whichever destination/climate you fancy! Places to visit in November: Japan, Switzerland, South Africa

4. Make the most of the Holiday deals!

Humayun tomb, New Delhi, India Halloween has just gotten over and Christmas is a good month away, agreed, but who said November is devoid of any festivities? Right from Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi to JazzFest Berlin in Germany – if you look around, you will know that the world is in a celebratory mood waiting for you to join in! You will also find great holiday deals floated by travel companies in order to boost tourism. Keep an eye on combo deals which are not only convenient, but also end up saving you a lot of bucks! Places to visit in November: UAE, India, Germany

5. You won't just see the tourist spots, but also ‘real’ scenes from the place

Lastly, take this trip to create experiences. One of the perks of travelling during off-season is that you get to see the place raw and real. While the iconic hotspots are comparatively less crowded, it is the bonus of finding something hidden, something unexplored, that makes the whole travel plan worthwhile. Even the locals are welcoming and would not mind sharing a story or two, giving you a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Where to go this November:Nepal, Vietnam, Indonesia
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