5 Locations to Get the Best Photos in Sydney – A Dream...

5 Locations to Get the Best Photos in Sydney – A Dream Destination for Shutterbugs

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Travellers tend to become shutter-happy when visiting a new place. It becomes imperative that you take pictures of literally every beautiful view (and rightly so!) from landscapes to monuments to artefacts. So, it is natural that photography is a top priority for tourists headed for Australia’s biggest and most beautiful city – Sydney! Here we list 5 must-visit locations to get the best photos in Sydney, that capture the beauty and awesomeness of this city. We are certain that shutterbugs among you will walk away mighty pleased with your shots, irrespective of whether you use a swanky DSLR or a humble phone – because that’s how photogenic these places are!

Sydney Opera House

Opera House Opened to the public in 1973 and named as a ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site’ in 2007, the Sydney Opera House is a performing arts centre playing host to over 1500 performances every year. More than five million people attend the shows conducted here annually. Apart from a concert hall, theatre and studio, there are restaurants, bars and cafes. The stunning architecture of Sydney Opera House makes it exceptionally photogenic. Photography Tip: Take snaps during dusk. Go for the long exposure of 5 to 7 minutes to get a unique image.  

St. Mary’s Cathedral

St Cathedral Church St Mary’s Cathedral is a place of worship that stands ‘as a Christian statement of grace and beauty’ in the heart of Sydney. It is considered as one of the best examples of English-style gothic churches in the country and world. The cathedral is in the honour of Mary Help of Christians. Photography Tip: Photography of the interiors is prohibited. However, one can take shots of the front facet to showcase it brilliance. ‘Majestic’ is the first word that comes to your mind when you see it.  

Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building Queen Victoria Building: This late nineteenth century monument has historic stories to tell and magnificent architecture to flaunt. People can spot jewellery stores, fashion boutiques, homewares, restaurants and cafes. It was built as a market place in 1890s but shut off later. Nevertheless, it reopened in 1986 and quickly transformed into a popular shopping hub. Photography Tip: Visit it in the evening or night when the interiors look more attractive because of lightings. The colourful patterns visible in the walls and floors here is click worthy too!   Australia-Blog Banner

Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden Royal Botanic Garden is one of the most well-known green spaces of the city. It presents a great collection of plants, most of them belonging to Australia and South Pacific. The number of plant species in the ‘Royal Botanic Garden and Domain’ is 8900. People come for peace, relaxation and gaining knowledge of plants and horticulture. No entrance fee is charged. Photography Tip: Take zoomed in picture of flowers or plants to highlight their distinct features. A pic on landscape mode will be nice too!

Central Station

Central Station Sydney Central Station: It is the biggest and busiest railway station in New South Wales. Opened in 1906, the Central Station soon developed from 11 platforms to 19 of them. It operates on numerous lines of Sydney Trains network. Central Station has a modest appearance which is what makes it more photogenic. Photography Tip: Take a snap when a train is approaching the station. Different angles can be tried out. So head out to these locations to get the best photos in Sydney. You can thank us later 😉 Australia Banner 2