5 Reasons Why Jeddah Corniche Should Be Your Next Destination

5 Reasons Why Jeddah Corniche Should Be Your Next Destination

Beautiful view from Jeddah Corniche
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There are a handful cities in the world which for centuries have attracted travellers completely different from each other; one group seeking the spiritual light while the other, riches from trade. Jeddah is one of those rare cities. As different as both groups are, they have been united by one thing; the Jeddah Corniche. Detailed accounts go back to centuries about visitors being taken aback by sights from Jeddah Corniche. A view from the Jeddah Corniche, is the prime reason the city is lovingly called the “Bride Of The Red Sea”. There are plenty of reasons that would attract a person seeking the usual tourist attractions, but the best way to experience the Jeddah Corniche is a little unusual. Do what the locals do. Take a Walk. A long stroll. Yes, you read that right as simple as a walk. There is more to a stroll here than simply a scenic horizon for company. Here are the reasons that Jeddah Corniche should the destination of choice for your next trip here:-

Reason 1: A fountain that almost touches the sky

View of King Fahad fountain from Jeddah Corniche In your travels around the world, you must have seen fountains. But not like this one. King Fahad fountain has the distinct honor of being the most unique fountain in the world. The water rises up to 312 meters in a display that will leave you open mouthed and short of breath. To give you an idea of the scale, the water reaches well above the height of Eiffel tower.

Reason 2: You have not seen a sunset/sunrise like this

Sunset at Jeddah Corniche Two words, Sunrise and Sunset. Throughout the history, the best way to see Jeddah has remained the same. It feels like the city itself stands beside you smiling knowingly as you enjoy the stunning view. There is only one way to describe them; awe-inspiring. Interested in seeing the place? Check out Kolkata to Jeddah flights.

Reason 3: Indulge in comforts of the modern world

Presence of every amenity that modern world boasts of. After indulging in the walk if you feel tired, there are world class spas that will help relax your tired legs. Indulge your taste buds. The long strip boasts of restaurants that serve food from various corners of the world. You will find a flavour of food that matches any mood of yours here. And if you are in the mood for shopping, you have a choice of going either to a souk or a mega mall nearby.

Reason 4: Float In The Magical Under Water World Of Red Sea

A chance to immerse into the world famous diving waters of red sea are just around the corner. All the untouched corals with their ancient tale’s adding to the effect minus the touristy crowds make this a very tempting offer to go below the surface of earth.

Reason 5: The only city with priceless modern art on streets

There is something world famous in Jeddah not a lot of people are aware of. It is home to a striking line-up of open-air modern art sculptures from the likes of Moore, Arp and Miro. Since the 70’s, people walking on the corniche have been surprised to find amazing modern art sculptures while strolling on Jeddah Corniche. Simply put, Jeddah Corniche is one the best places to visit in Jeddah. Tempted to check out Jeddah Corniche? Check out the flight route from Dubai to Jeddah. And once you are there, you can fly out to greek island Mykonos on attractive prices as well.