5 Spectacular Boutique Hotels in India

5 Spectacular Boutique Hotels in India

Vacations are nearing and you are excited of visiting a new destination! What remains constant is the same sprawling, luxurious 5-star property, where you are likely to check-in. How about giving your stay a new twist? Small, intimate, and full of character; boutique hotels are the best way to escape into luxury and see a country in a whole new light. Offering all the comfort in the world with a dash of uniqueness, here are 5 spectacular boutique hotels in India that are going to fill you heart with wonder and awe.

Glenburn Tea Estate, Darjeeling

Nestled on a hillock with the mighty Kanchenjunga mountain acting as a stunning backdrop, the Glenburn Tea Estate promises to rejuvenate your body, mind, and senses. The tea plantation retreat has two colonial styled bungalows with four plush suites, all opening to an incredible views of the Great Himalayan Mountain Range. The tea estate gives its visitors a chance to go through the entire process of tea making. Right from plucking and sorting of tea leaves to tasting different tea flavours, the walk-through of tea processing is an enriching experience.
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Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Madhya Pradesh

If you truly want to experience what living in the lap of nature feels like, come to Jamtara Wilderness Camp. Located few miles away from the Pench National Park, this nature camp brings out the ardent adventurer in you. The camp comprises of 10 luxurious tents laden with all the modern day comforts. Take a stroll around the village, go for a safari, pluck fresh produce from the organic garden, or just relax under the canopy of trees; you can’t get closer to nature than this!

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Shakti 360° Leti, Uttarakhand

Looking for a way to detach from the world and live in complete seclusion, welcome to Shakti 360° Leti. Tucked away in Kumaon region, this four cabin boutique hotel spoils you rotten. Made of wood, stone and glass, the cabins provide all the modern amenities that you require. Customised meals and activities, the staff will leave no stone upturned to make you feel at home. Head out for a trek, meditate amidst the snow-kissed peaks, or savour the local food while soaking in the magnificent views; it is hard to find a property as unique as this.
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Samode Palace, Jaipur

Give yourself a royal treatment at the Samode Palace, the best boutique hotel in Rajasthan. This 475-year-old palace is the best way to feel and experience true royal living! Every nook and corner of this heritage palace is a testament of antiquity and Rajputana aristocracy! Each room and suite is a fine example of perfection, finesse, richness, and beauty. The service is impeccable and makes you feel no less than a royalty. A preferred choice for destination weddings and a darling of many celebrities, a short stay in Samode Palace will last you a lifetime of memories.

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Neeleshwar Hermitage, Kerala

A premier resort and one of the best boutique hotels in Kerala, Neeleshwar Hermitage is a break that you have been longing for. 18 cottages, all fully- equipped to offer you all the luxury and comfort. Though, the rooms have no television and smoking is strictly prohibited in the retreat. Calming sound of the waves of the Arabian Sea and the surrounding lush green landscape, this resort is nothing short of a paradise. With authentic Ayurveda and spa treatments, one can expect to be fully replenished inside-out.
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