5 ‘Travel Hacks’ Frequent Travelers Swear By!

5 ‘Travel Hacks’ Frequent Travelers Swear By!

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Not having ‘enough’ money; scared of being stranded in an unknown country with a dead phone; or waiting with your luggage in long queues; which is your favourite reason not to travel?

To begin with, all these ‘fears’ are relatable and everyone amongst us has experienced them from time to time, but should we allow them to spoil our travelling plans? Hell No!

Check out, these awesome ‘travel hacks’ that experienced travelers swear by and make your next trip easy-breezy.

 Land in cheap flight deals.

Tip # 1: Land in cheap flight deals.

Who doesn't want to save some money on those exorbitant flight tickets? If you are looking for cheaper fare, make sure you book your flight tickets on a Tuesday afternoon or on a Thursday, because that is when the air fares drop a little.

Pro Tip: Whenever you are browsing an airline or a travel website for flight details, turn your browser’s “incognito mode” ON (Ctrl+shift+N (chrome users), Ctrl+shift+P (Firefox users)) which ensures that these websites do not track your activity and change their prices accordingly.

 One for Nomophobs. Tip # 2: One for Nomophobs.

Entangled wires, broken charger pins or simply a charger that goes missing amidst heap of clothes, documents etc. If you want to avoid all that and more, make sure you carry charger & headphones in a glass case that would not only keep it safe but is also handy.

Pro Tip:  If you ever happen to forget your charger, do not freak out, call the front desk of the hotel you are staying in, 99.99% of times they would have a spare one left by some guest. J  Borrow it for the duration, you stay there!

Find your luggage in a jiffy.

Tip # 3: Find your luggage in a jiffy.

We all hate that “spot my luggage” contest at the baggage claim conveyor belt, don’t we? And, that embarrassment and pain of picking someone else’s similar looking bag? We have endured that, right? How about tying a cutesy ribbon or say a sticker on your suitcase for easy identification? Smart, right?

Pro Tip: Impatient, are we? Don’t want to wait forever for your luggage to arrive?  Stick those “fragile” stickers on your suitcases. They should be among the first ones to arrive on the conveyor belt and not to mention the staff will be extra careful while handling them.

 Never ever lose your important documents

Tip # 4: Never ever lose your important documents

It happens more often than not that we tend to lose our baggage or wallet, while vacationing. To be caught without important documents in a foreign land is a nightmarish situation. Scan all the important documents, passport, tickets, ET all and have them emailed to you. So, even if you lose your originals and their copies you would still have them in your inbox.

Pro Tip: No time to scan? Click their photo through your mobile and upload them on cloud or email them.

Laundry, Who needs that

Tip # 5: Laundry? Who needs that!

Okay, now this one is a little twisted but when you really think of its utility, you would possibly want to smother its inventor with ‘thank-you’ kisses. If you are travelling light and need to wash your clothes for free; enter the shower with your clothes ‘still on’, use the hotel soap or shampoo to first clean/wash your clothes and then yourself.

Pro Tip: To dry your clothes A.S.A.P, roll them tight in a towel. The towel would suck up the extra-moisture and allow it to dry faster. Alternatively, you could invest in some quick drying fabric like ones offered by Ex-officio or Marmot.