6 Awesome Holiday Ideas Cheaper than the Newly-Launched Apple iPhone X

6 Awesome Holiday Ideas Cheaper than the Newly-Launched Apple iPhone X

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Apple, the globally-renowned American multinational technology company, amidst much fanfare yesterday, unveiled the much-awaited iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8 at exorbitant prices of £999, £799 and £699. As travel buffs, we don’t understand why one would shell out 3000 AED – 4900 AED for a gadget, even if it is the latest Apple iPhone! We firmly believe that spending money on experiences (like beautiful travel memories) brings more happiness than splurging on material items. So instead of blowing up your savings on an iPhone X, why not consider going on a vacation? Here are 6 holiday ideas that are going to be cheaper than the latest Apple products!

Tbilisi, Georgia (2 Nights)


Price: AED 1948.96/person

This tour introduces you to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. You get to enjoy a half-day city tour and visit tourist attractions such as Ethnographic Museum, Saint Trinity Church and Turtle Lake. An expert guide, accompanying you, imparts in-depth knowledge about the places covered. The outing proves both fun-packed and educational.

Yerevan, Armenia (2 Nights)


Price: AED 1997.48/person

Indulge yourself in this 2-night Yerevan tour that takes you to Tsitsernakaberd Museum, Republic Square, Opera House and Mother Armenia. Purchase things of your choice from Dalma Garden Mall and Vernissage. An English-speaking guide escorts you. Shared airport transfers are included.

Mahé, Seychelles (3 Nights)


Price: AED 2246.38/person

In this 3-night tour of Mahé you visit lovely beaches, islands and coral reefs. Well-known shopping venues like Victoria Market are included. Get involved in the full-day reef safari tour, following which there is a traditional creole style buffet lunch on-board. Admire the rich flora and fauna of the Moyenne Island.

Istanbul, Turkey (3 Nights)

Price: AED 1516.62/person

By going in this short yet great tour, you get the chance to see and appreciate the beautiful city of Istanbul. Istanbul is recognized as the cultural, economic and historic centre of Turkey. Participate in the half-day Bosphrorus cruise tour for to watch some beautiful sights. There’s a ‘Day at Leisure’ for those wanting to spend time in their own sweet way.

Baku, Azerbaijan (3 Nights)


Price: AED 1194.33/ person

Here is an excellent chance for you to see the tourist attractions of Baku. The hotspots that are explorable, as a apart of this tour, are Shirvan Shah’s Palace, Maiden Tower and Caravanserai. Be enamored by the gorgeous city vistas visible from Memory Alley. Breakfast is offered daily in the hotels you stay in.

Salalah, Oman (3 Nights)

Salalah Beach

Price: 1738.12/person

This is a tour that lets you enjoy an optional city tour. Spend time in Frankincense Land, Shanfari Mosque and Haffah Souk. Go to ‘Taqa’, a fishing village known for the manufacture of ‘Dried Sardines’. Appreciate the traditional ‘Dhofari Houses’ of the region. Relax in the white-sandy beach of Mughsail as well.

So, have we managed to convince you to drop the plans of buying the latest iPhone and instead, go on a well-deserved holiday?