6 Awesome Holidays cheaper than the new Apple iPhone XS!

6 Awesome Holidays cheaper than the new Apple iPhone XS!

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Apple, the globally-renowned American technology company, amidst much fanfare in September 2018, unveiled the much-awaited iPhone XS, and iPhone XS at unbelievably high prices ranging between US$ 999 and US$ 1449. As travel buffs, we don’t understand why one would shell out AED 4,229 to AED 6,129 for a phone, even if it is the latest Apple iPhone! Instead, we bring you 6 holiday ideas that are going to be cheaper than the latest Apple phones! After all, doesn't spending money on experiences (like beautiful travel memories) bring more happiness than splurging on material things 🙂 So instead of blowing up your savings on an iPhone XS, why not consider going on a vacation?

6 holidays cheaper than the new iPhone XS

1. Tbilisi & Gudauri in Georgia (3 nights) -  AED 1,513/person

Gudauri - holidays cheaper than iPhone XS
The snow-clad Gudauri, a popular ski destination in Georgia
Tbilisi and Gudauri are two must-visit cities of the beautiful mountain-country of Georgia. While the colourful history, beautiful architecture and vibrant cultural scene of Tbilisi will charm you, the snowy peaks and ski resorts of Gudauri will offer you a welcome break from your daily routine. The best part? Three nights in Georgia will cost you way less than the latest Apple phone!book georgia holidays

2. Yerevan, Armenia (2 nights) - AED 1,318/ person

Yerevan Indulge yourself in this 2-night Yerevan holiday at less than one-third the cost of an iPhone XS! The enticing beauty of Mount Ararat, the relaxed lifestyle, delicious Armenian cuisine and welcoming locals make Yerevan the perfect getaway! book armenia holidays

3. Mahé, Seychelles (2 nights) - AED 3,849/ person

St. Pierre There's so much you can do over a 2 nights vacation in the tropical paradise of Mahe in Seychelles! Visit lovely beaches, islands and coral reefs. Explore well-known shopping venues like Victoria Market. Go for a full-day reef safari tour and end it with a traditional creole style buffet lunch on-board. Why buy an iPhone when you can make beautiful memories on this island!Book Seychelles Holidays

4. Cities in Turkey - AED 1,760 - AED 3,482/ person

Places to see in Antalya - Old town (Kaleici)
The glamorous harbour city of Antalya is the ideal retreat in Turkey
You will be happily surprised to know that a holiday to any of the gorgeous Turkish cities for two to four nights will be cheaper than an iPhone! You can spend 4 relaxing days soaking in the natural beauty of Antalya and it would cost you AED 3,306 only! Or head to the mesmerizing Istanbul for a 3 nights holiday that will set you back by just AED 1,760! A 3-day vacation in Turkey's classic Black Sea city, Trabzon can be booked for just AED 3,307. Still want to buy that iPhone?Book Turkey Holidays Now

5. Baku, Azerbaijan (3 nights) - AED 1,557/ person

Baku Azerbaijan's Baku beckons with its attractive holiday options! Spend two days exploring the modern architecture, savouring the Azerbaijani dishes, and exploring the ancient Old City of Baku - all this at a steal, just AED 1,557 for one person! Book Baku Holidays

6. Salalah, Oman (2 nights) - AED 1,643/ person

Salalah Monsoon, Dhofar
Salalah in Oman transforms into a lush, green oasis during the Khareef/ rainy season in July and August!
This serenely pretty "southern capital of Oman", will blow you away with its gorgeous beaches, ancient history, and towering mountain ranges. Best visited in the Khareef season that lasts from July to September, a 2 nights holiday in Salalah for AED 1,643 will leave you much more happier and content than a gadget! Book Salalah Holidays

So, have we managed to convince you to drop the plans of buying the latest iPhone and instead, go on a well-deserved holiday? Tell us, in the comments section below!