6 Loneliest Yet Stunning Places On Earth

6 Loneliest Yet Stunning Places On Earth

Loneliest places on earth

The regular updates on the Coronavirus pandemic is taking a toll on every human possible. Let us take you through our treasure trove of quirky and interesting facts and travel trivia – after all we all need a break from the breaking news.

There are times when you want to leave everything behind and go into solitude. Miles of barren land with little or no human existence, and absolutely no connection with the outside world. In this over-populated world, do places like these actually exist? Yes, they very much do! Re-discover yourself in the picturesque land of Greenland or spend some days with the penguins at Falkland Islands, or challenge yourself in the vast, unforgiving terrains of the Western Sahara Desert - explore some unknown territory and find the 'me time' that was in the longing for a while. To make your task a lot easier, here is our list of 6 loneliest yet stunning places on earth that you might want to give a try!

1. Falkland Islands

Holidayme_Gypsy Cove, Falkland Islands_6-loneliest-yet-stunning-places-on-earth _Shutterstock_10587481.jpg
Gypsy Cove, Falkland Islands
A place where you can truly be alone and bask in the beauty of nature, Falkland Islands is the one! Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, this island has some stunning beaches that are still left undiscovered. With the company of penguins and albatrosses you might not even feel alone. With a human population of not more than 3000, the island feels more or less like a private one, majority living in the capital, Stanley. Falkland Islands is the best place to escape from it all!

2. Iceland

Holidayme_Iceland_6-loneliest-yet-stunning-places-on-earth _Shutterstock_ 721494790.jpg
A secluded landscape in Iceland
The 'Land of Fire and Ice', Iceland being one of the loneliest places on earth, it is also one of the coldest places to travel to. It is next to impossible to live in this country, thanks to its weather and volcanic activities. If the solitude and harsh weather has taken a toll on you, head to the south western region, which is warmer with equally warm and friendly locals. Lonely as it may sound, Iceland nevertheless offers breath-taking scenery, glaciers, hot springs, black sand beaches, pristine lakes and waterfalls, and dramatic landscapes that are just magical! It is truly one of the loneliest yet most stunning places on earth.

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3. Antarctica 

Holidayme_Antarctica _6-loneliest-yet-stunning-places-on-earth _Shutterstock_ 1141923626
Winter kayaking in Antarctica
The 'ice desert' as rightly put, Antarctica is one of the loneliest and driest places on earth. This ice covered landmass is home to over 1000 people and by winters it gets reduced to a mere 200. Researchers and scientists frequent this place to explore this continent of ice. Apart from the meager number of humans, penguins, albatross, and whales also call this freezing land their home. No matter the conditions, a journey to this continent is a trip of a lifetime. With floating, gigantic icebergs, and out-of-the-world landscapes - Antarctica is a frozen beauty that is must-see! If you wish to visit this cold, stunning place make sure to travel between November and March - these are the only accessible months!

4. Ittoqqortoormiit, Greenland 

Ittoqqortoormiit Village - Greenland
The largest island in the world - Greenland is no stranger to avid travellers. Known for its picturesque villages, unenclosed wilderness, stunning scenery, and plenty of adventurous activities, Greenland is a paradise on earth. With plenty of raw, natural beauty, this island is one of the loneliest places to visit. One-third of the island is covered with ice; in an area spanning of 80,00,00 square miles, it's occupied by mere 60,000 people. Ittoqqortoormiit, an isolated town of Greenland, is home to over 450 souls, where adventure thrives. A sprawling national park with miles of wilderness, home to seabirds, walruses, seals, and polar bears - this multi-coloured settlement is a perfect place to get lost.

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5. Oymyakon, Russia 

Non-freezing rivers in Oymyakon
Oymyakon means 'unfrozen water'. Quite contrary to its name, this Russian town is by far the most coldest place on this planet - the temperature dips to -90 degrees Fahrenheit! Almost everything freezes in here, be it eyelashes, car engines, crops, and even vodka - if kept out in the open! The population that braves this weather is about 500. Though the temperature might give you chills, the locals go on with their daily chores; there are schools, a bank, a post office, and also an airport runway. So if you can get yourself tons of warm clothes and prepared to eat fish and meat most of the time - Oymyakon is more than happy to host you!

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6. French Guiana, France 

View of Ile du Diable (Devil's Island) from Ile Royale in archipelago of Iles du Salut (Islands of Salvation) in French Guiana
A tropical paradise, French Guiana is famous for its squirrel monkeys, they even outnumber humans in this very place! Located on the northeast coast of South America, French Guiana is laden with thick forests and endangered species. Colonial architecture and plenty of unexplored territory, this off-beaten region of France is a pure delight for those seeking some alone time.

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Incredibly lonely, and life threatening at times, the next four destinations are stunning in their own unique ways, and rightfully deserve to be on our list! 

7. The Western Sahara Desert

Tent camping in Erg Chebbi at sunset in Western Sahara, Morocco, Africa

8. Snake Island, Brazil 

Snake Island, Guanabara Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9. The Gobi Desert 

Tree in Gobi desert, Mongolia

10. Macquarie Island  

Macquarie Island
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