6 must-see GoT filming locations in Croatia for all Game of Thrones...

6 must-see GoT filming locations in Croatia for all Game of Thrones fans!

The Ethnographic Museum Rupe which was converted into Littlefinger's brothel in GoT
Despite the gripping story-line and extremely well-written characters, Game of Thrones is also known for shooting in the most scenic locations and if you have been an ardent follower of this series, you don't need any introduction! This epic series was shot across numerous locations like Malta, Iceland, Morocco, but the top must-visit location is the Game of Thrones tour that takes place in Croatia. Since 2012, Croatia has seen a significant increase in tourism just like New Zealand experienced a tourism surge after Lord of the Rings was released.
From a Game of Thrones set to walking through the port city of Qarth, Croatia has them all. We at holidayme would suggest you take a rental and plan a road-trip to experience the magical world of Game of Thrones.

1. Lokrum Island - The port city of Qarth in Game of Throne

The Lokrum Islands was filmed in the series as the stand alone city of Qarth where Daenery's Targaryen visits in Season 2. Apart from this, certain garden scenes across the series was shot in the botanical gardens of Lokrum. Other attractions in Lokrum other than the Game of Thrones filming locations, is a lake named Mrtvo More (Dead Sea) which is quite unique as it connects with the Sea.
Lokrum Island-The City of Qarth in GoT
Lokrum Island-The City of Qarth in GoT
How to reach Lokrum By Boat : Since Lokrum is an island, the transportation there is arranged from the Old Town Port. There are boats to the Game of Thrones set every 15 minutes during peak season. The tickets are priced at 40Kn (22 AED) for adults and 15 Kn (8.40 AED) for children.
The Lake of Mrtvo More (Dead Sea) which has been shown extensively in Season 2

2. Dubrovnik - The King's Landing and The Red Keep

A major chunk of Game of Thrones filming took place in Dubrovnik Old City. For example the iconic 'Walk of Shame' of Cercei Lannister was shot along the Jesuit Staircase, the exterior of Littlefinger's brothel was actually the Ethnographic Museum Rupe, the Reactor Palace doubled as the residence of Spice King in Qarth, the Ploče Gate transformed as the red Keep Gate and finally the iconic St. Dominic Street was the marketplace around King's Landing. holidayme is offering a 3 nights holiday package for Dubrovnik city that includes a GOT walking tour that will take you to filming locations in Dubrovnik for GOT scenes like where King Joffery was faced with the citizens' riot, location of Battle of Blackwater, the endless walls of Lovrijenac Fortress (instantly recognizable as the Red Keep) and much more. Click here to find out about the special offer price, accommodation, transfers, and detailed Game of Thrones Croatia Tour Itinerary. Also Read: Stunning Locations Where Game Of Thrones Was Actually Shot !
Dubrovnik-The Garden of Red Keep Kings Landing House of the undying
The scenes from the Garden of Red Keep Kings Landing House of the Undying was shot here
How to reach Dubrovnik: By Bus : This is the most convenient mode of travel as there is no direct train route to Dubrovnik and flight fares might be a bit steep. Here are some popular routes:
  • Zagreb to Dubrovnik
  • Zadar to Dubrovnik
  • Split to Dubrovnik
  • Podgorica to Dubrovnik
The City of Dubrovnik converted into the Kings Landing
The City of Dubrovnik was converted into the Kings Landing

3. Sibenik - The City of Bravos and the Port of Bravos 

Despite of having few Game of Thrones filming locations, Sibenik is one of the oldest city of Croatia as history has it that this city saw years of warfare and conflict of its own during the 11th and 12th centuries. Sibenik was prevalent in Season 5 as the Port of Bravos, the House of Black & White and the St. James Cathedral in the city was the Iron Bank in the series.
Sibenik-The City and the Port of Bravos in GoT
The City and the Port of Bravos was shot in Sibenik City
How to reach Sibenik Bus from Trogir : Ample buses from Trogir Bus Station to Sibenik, with the first bus departing at 5:30 Am and the last bus at 11:30 PM. One way ticket costs around 30-40 Kn for adults (16-20 AED).
Sibenik-The Stairs used in the City of Bravos
Sibenik-The Stairs used in the City of Bravos

4. Trogir - The Qarth trading Harbour

Trogir is known to be the most preserved Romanesque-Gothic town in Central Europe hence it doubled as a major Game of Thrones shooting location in Croatia. Trogir was represented as Qarth in the series and was referred to as 'The Greatest city that was or ever will be' throughout the series. Qarth was believed to be located somewhere around the coast of the fictional city of Essos.
Trogir-The Qarth trading Harbour in GoT
The trading Harbor of Qarth was filmed in Trogir
How to Reach Trogir Bus : Take the line no. 37 local bus from Split. There are buses departing every 20 minutes, the cost of a single journey ticket is going to cost you 21 Kn (12 AED) and 5 Kn (2.80 AED) for children between 6-10 years of age.
Gates opening to the Qarth Harbour
Gates of Trogir that doubled as Qarth Harbor
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5. Split & Klis  - The City of Meereen

The fictional City of Meereen that was introduced in Season 4 was filmed in and around the Klis fortress where Deanerys and her army marched towards the city to free all the slaves. This medieval Klis fortress was built at an altitude with the intention to combat attacks from enemies. The  streets of Meereen was shot in the Diocletian’s Palace in Split and due to their medieval look, none of these fortresses and cities needed much CGI. Pro Tip : Do shop by the special Game of Thrones Souvenir shop to buy something memorable from this trip of yours.
Split and Klis-The City of Meereen in GoT
Split & Klis were converted into The City of Meereen
How to Reach Split: By Bus from Dubrovnik : There are a lot of buses from Dubrovnik that connects to Split. The cost of a one way journey for adults is between 11-17 Euros (45-47 AED) Bus Connecting Split to Klis : Take a line no. 34 or 22 local bus that connects to the Klis Fortress. A one way ticket for adults costs around 15 Kn (8.40 Aed) AND 5 Kn (2.80 AED) for children between 6-10 years old.
The-KLIS fortress that converted into the City of Meereen
The-KLIS fortress that converted into the City of Meereen

6. Trsteno - Garden of the Red Keep

Trsteno Arboretum (located within 15 miles of Dubrovnik city) was majorly used as a setting during Season 3 and 5. The scenes are mostly associated with the Tyrell Family (nicknamed as Tyrell High Garden). Aside from this appeal, Trsteno is a hidden gem with the oldest monuments in Croatia and should not be missed especially if you are visiting Dubrovnik.
Trsteno-Garden of the Red Keep in GoT
The City of Trsteno was filmed as Tyrell Family's abode, commonly referred to as The High Garden
How to Reach Trsteno By Bus : A shuttle or a local bus from Makarska will cost you around 105 Kn (around 50 AED).
The Ruined villa that was converted into a part of the Red Keep
The Ruined villa of Trsteno that was converted into a part of the Red Keep
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