6 Things To Do In Marbella That’ll Make Your Spanish Holiday Unforgettable!

6 Things To Do In Marbella That’ll Make Your Spanish Holiday Unforgettable!

From quaint neighborhoods to bustling touristy shops, from picturesque public parks to an open-air exhibit of the works of Salvador Dali, from a beach that goes on for ages to a promenade that’ll leave you impressed, the Spanish coastal city of Marbella is a must-see for anyone visiting the country. In fact, if you book this incredible holiday package, here are 6 things to do in Marbella that’ll make your Spanish holiday unforgettable!

1. Admire art at Avenida del Mar

In the pulsating heart of Marbella, in a charming avenue called Avenida del Mar, lies an open-air museum of sorts which doubles up as heaven for surrealist art lovers! That’s because the Avenida del Mar hosts a remarkable collection of 10 original sculptures by Salvador Dali, all year round. Strange-looking for those who haven’t really followed the surrealist movement, these sculptures are a delight to ponder upon anyway.

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2. Bask in the sun at Marbella Beach

Boasting of over 300 days of sunshine a year, a visit to Marbella would be incomplete without visiting its pristine beach. And whilst a majority of the tourists throng the main beach along the promenade, know that this coastal city is peppered with tiny, secluded beaches that stretch its entire length. You could just pack a picnic basket and some sunscreen and head over to one of these unexplored (and possibly unnamed) beaches for an undisturbed afternoon in Marbella.

3. Indulge in delicious food at Plaza de los Naranjos

A delightful plaza located in Marbella’s Old Town area, the Plaza de los Naranjos is where gastronomy meets artistry! Translating to ‘Orange Square’, the plaza was perhaps named so after the plenty of orange blossom trees that surround it. Home to several pretty cafes and open-air restaurants, you will also find the informative tourist center, a grand statue of King Juan Carlos I, the gorgeous Town Hall, the striking Mayor’s House and the Chapel of Santiago here at Plaza de los Naranjos. Check out other places in Spain with these cool holiday packages!

4. Take a stroll down Paseo Marítimo

The Paseo Marítimo (beach side promenade) is a lovely place to catch a mesmerizing sunset. Stretching from Marbella all the way to Puerto Banus and beyond, the promenade is lined with touristy shops, lively tapas bars and cute cafes. Landscaped with palm trees and flowering plants, you can also spot the el Faro de Marbella (lighthouse of Marbella) from Paseo Marítimo.

5. Picnic at La Alameda Park

A popular place for locals to meet up, the La Alameda Park is full of interesting tropical plants and stunning fountains, the most photographed being the large central fountain which is decorated with vibrant Andalusian tiles. Also, it is from La Alameda Park that you can book a horse carriage tour of Marbella; a fun way to explore the city! Here’s a list of top Spanish foods you just have to feast upon while on vacation!

6. Shop till you drop at Old Town

Shopaholics rejoice! Marbella is a heaven for every kind of shopper. If you are someone who prefers boutique shopping, the Old Town area in Marbella is full of boutiques selling everything from handbags to jewellery and clothes. If, on the other hand, you prefer street shopping, the by-lanes of Marbella are full of small roadside souvenir shops that’ll please you just fine with their wide variety. With an amiable climate all year round, there are loads of things to do in Marbella that’ll keep you busy. And whether you decide to visit it as a couple, a group, solo or with your family, this stunning old city in Spain, with its culture, cuisine and hospitality will definitely keep you coming back for more.
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