7 Best Places To Enjoy Wildlife Photography

7 Best Places To Enjoy Wildlife Photography

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destination
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Wildlife photography is gaining immense popularity, with several renowned photographers and amateurs alike contributing some super-sensational wildlife shots. Capturing wildlife in its natural enclosure provides plenty of rewarding moments for photographers. The ability to compose, track, and use camera equipment and natural lighting to take shots of wildlife, needs a certain degree of skill and patience. Not just the photography, one also gets to learn a lot about the fascinating flora and fauna, and the fragile ecosystem of our planet.

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destination

So, if you are a budding wildlife photographer or have even the slightest of inclination to enjoy wildlife, check out these 7 places to visit and photograph some of the world’s most wonderful wildlife and ecosystems. Rest assured, every amateur photographer will learn a lot by visiting these places best meant for enjoying the art of wildlife photography.

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destinations - Kruger National Park

The largest game reserve of Africa, the UNESCO-listed Kruger National Park is located in South Africa and is famous for its large numbers of the “Big Five”. Wildlife photographers can enjoy taking shots of the varied wildlife here, which includes cheetahs, lions, elephants, rhinos, wildebeest, African wild dogs, zebras, and even giraffes. 

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destination - Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta of Botswana demonstrates the life sustaining properties of water on our planet. Each year, torrential rains lash the Angolan Highlands, flooding the dry plains of the Okavango Delta and in the process, creating a sensational wildlife migration. Herds of elephants, wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, etc arrive from the North African hinterland to Okavango, in search of water. The delta also becomes a playground for predatory animals, offering plenty of game viewing opportunities for photographers.

Kaziranga National Park, India

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destinations - Kaziranga National Park

The Kaziranga National Park is located in the Indian state of Assam, towards the North-eastern of the country. Kaziranga is home to the great one-horned rhinoceros and has also been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This beautiful wildlife park hosts several species of flora and fauna, including tigers, elephants, wild deer, swamp deer, and more. It is also home to a bird reserve and a rich ecosystem comprising of grassland and deciduous forests. Kaziranga is a photographer’s delight and offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife photography. 

Denali National Park, USA

Top 7 Wildlife Destinations - Denali National Park

Situated around Mount Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, the Denali National Park, Alaska, USA is a beautiful wildlife reserve famous for its grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, moose and plenty of precious flora and fauna. Extreme low temperatures, permafrost, and the vast wilderness make photography at Denali a tad challenging, yet extremely rewarding.

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Maasai Mara, Kenya

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destinations - Maasai-Mara

One of the most popular wildlife parks in the world, Maasai Mara in Kenya is an iconic game viewing destination. Vast acres of grassland glistening under the blue skies, and the sprawling Maasai trees standing tall against the backdrop of a stunning sunset call for some truly delightful wildlife photos. While soaking in the beauty of this incredible wildlife reserve, click memorable images of the diverse wildlife including zebras, giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, and wildebeest among others. One can also try mastering the art of aerial photography, with a hot air balloon ride over the reserve.  

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Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destination - Serengeti National Park

Thousands of avid wildlife lovers and photographers throng the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania famous world-over for its annual migration of wildebeest, zebras, giraffe and elephant to the Okavango Delta. Every year, over 1.5 million wildebeest, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of gazelles and zebras migrate through Serengeti, Tanzania, tramping towards Maasai Mara. On a pursual for greener pastures, these animals travel almost 1,800 miles, dodging predators like lions, leopard, and even crocodiles, along the way. Wildlife photographers and tourists can also relish a stay at the numerous eco-lodges in the reserve and click away to glory!

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Bandhavgarh National Park, India

Top 7 Wildlife Photography Destinations - Bandhavgarh National Park

The Royal Bengal Tigers of India are an endangered yet majestic species and Bandhavgarh National Park boasts of having the highest concentration of these. Located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Bandhavgarh is one of the most popular tiger conservation zones in India. The reserve is known for its frequent tiger sightings and is the perfect destination for budding photographers looking to capture the magic of these regal beasts.

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