7 European towns for that oh-so relaxing spa break

7 European towns for that oh-so relaxing spa break

Spa town of Europe - Boppard
Boppard town in the Rhine valley, Germany
Pampering yourself like royalty has never felt so good! Welcome to Europe's most ultra-luxe and stunning spa towns. These century-old spa towns in Europe have been enticing visitors with their impressive architecture, idyllic settings, and therapeutic water properties. The fancy spa towns are not just pleasing to the eyes, but also make a great deal of wellness retreats, where travellers come to relax, heal, and enjoy the natural beauty. Summer or winter, these destinations are worth visiting any time of the year. So take a spa break to any on these 7 picturesque spa towns and gift yourself that much needed vacation.

1. Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

The stunning view of Karlovy Vary town
Castle Loket in the Karlovy Vary region, Czech Republic
The biggest spa town of the country, Karlovy Vary also happens to be one of the most famous spa towns of Europe. Discovered by Charles IV in the 14th century, this quaint town in Czech Republic has more than 79 hot and cold springs. After bathing in the therapeutic water of this town, make sure you soak in the century-old architecture and Art Nouveau buildings, or simply stroll in the forests and parks - it is nothing as compared to your previous spa trips, trust us!

2. Baden-Baden, Germany

Beautiful autumn city landscape of Baden Baden
The stunning town of Baden Baden
Keeping the grandeur and elegance intact, Baden-Baden in Germany is "the" spa town of entire Europe. This destination dates back to 80 AD and has been since frequented by a A-list visitors. Baden-Baden has one of the best spa resorts in Europe and a couple of luxury hotels that has made this destination a place to reckon with. Enjoy the 140-year-old Roman and Irish bathing traditions as the curative properties of thermal water make your spa day worth remembering.

3. Saturnia, Italy

People enjoying natural spa in Saturnia
Natural spa with waterfalls in Saturnia, Tuscany, Italy
In the small town of Maremma, in Tuscany, lies the spa destination of Saturnia. The natural, outdoor thermal pool tempts you to take a dip into it right from the word go! The free-flowing water is rich in mineral deposits, especially sulphur. Open throughout the year, the place in Italy is always bustling with tourists. There are two luxurious wellness spa centers in the vicinity, for those who prefer some privacy. Spa getaways get better in this hot spring fed thermal pool.

4. Poprad, Slovakia

The picturesque spa town of Poprad
Beautiful Poprad lake in Slovakia
Known as the gateway to Tatras National Park, Poprad is a breathtaking town of Slovakia. Famous for its hikes and winter sports, this small town is also home to a massive water-park, Aqua City. The sprawling city has 19 indoor and outdoor pools, a spa and wellness center, an ice cave, a sauna, water slides and much more, to keep you entertained for as long as you want. Relax, rejuvenate, and have unlimited fun in Poprad.

5. Heviz, Hungary

The stunning lake of Heviz
Lake Heviz, the 2nd largest natural thermal lake in Hungary
Home to the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake, Heviz, is a famous spa town of Hungary. Just two hours drive from Budapest, the water of the lake is known to have medicinal properties that work wonders for your joints and muscles. If you have had too much of the thermal therapy, head to Egregy hill, a vineyard, for a taste of good local wine.

6. Bath, England

The famous spa town of Bath
The Pulteney Bridge on River Avon in Bath
Bath - the name says it all! In the past, Romans and the Celts have enjoyed their warm dip in Bath, England. Though not open for public, for its historical and archaeological significance, there are newly opened resorts and spas that draw inspiration from the ancient heritage. Bath has some of the best spa hotels in Europe in case you want to soak in luxury, just like the Romans.

7. Aix-les-Bains, France

Boats in docked on the eastern shore of Lake Bourget
The Grand Port in the town of Aix les Bains
Unmatched views of the Alps, pristine atmosphere, and of course, the thermal baths - no wonder this town in France was the favourite of Queen Victoria. Perched on the banks of the Lac du Bourget, the largest freshwater lake of France, this town has several spas that offer thermal treatments, so make sure you indulge in some special water therapy. Admire the old buildings, roam the market place, take a tour of the Roman ruins - escape the mundane life over a spa weekend.
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