7 Indian beaches that are just ‘wow’

7 Indian beaches that are just ‘wow’

best beaches in india for honeymoon
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A true vacation is one where all your worries take a back seat while you relax and enjoy life. Gazing at the endless sea with sand beneath your feet and wind in your hair, a beach-side holiday is always refreshing and welcomed. India – a country where travellers come to seek nirvana and learn about its rich culture and history – does not fail to surprise beach lovers as well. From the famous party capital of India, Goa, to God’s own country, Kerala, there are plenty of beaches that are simply serene and picturesque. Find your favourite in one of these 7 Indian beaches that are just 'wow'!

7 beautiful beaches in India 

1. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

private beach in india In 2004, the Time Magazine voted Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Islands as Asia’s best beach and the World’s 7th best beach. Once you get here, you will agree to the accolades it has received over years. This beach fits the bill of a picture-perfect beach vacation. Emerald blue water, white sand, and lush forests - the setting is just right to spend a romantic holiday. Commonly known as Beach no. 7, it would be a crime to miss capturing a sunset and sunrise on this beach. With limited hotels and resorts, this beach destination gets booked way in advance. So it is ideal to plan your trip months earlier. Enjoy a walk on the beach, practice yoga, or soak up some sun, this beach feels more like a private one, as there is hardly any crowd. The sun sets early here and it gets dark post 6 pm, so make the most of it before time runs out.

  2. Butterfly Beach, Goa  

Goa beaches india Relatively less explored, Butterfly beach in South Goa is a true gem. White sand and translucent water, this tiny beach cove is a visual treat for many travellers. The beach derives its name from the two hills that look like a butterfly, from afar. The beach can only be reached by either hiking through the dense forests or by hiring a boat. Serene and quiet, this beach is a must-visit for those who love nature and tranquility. This picturesque beach is a favourite among photographers and selfie experts; it is also famous for colourful butterflies and goldfish.

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3. Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep

best beaches in india to visit in december It's hard not to fall in love with Agatti beach on Agatti Island. With colourful corals and sea turtles, this beach boasts of amazing marine life. Scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, and sailing - those who love water sports will have a guaranteed awesome time. With chilled out vibes and ample of delicious sea food, it's the recipe for a sweet life! Agatti is also home to the sole airstrip of Lakshadweep, with direct flights to Kochi.

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4. Dhanushkodi Beach, Rameswaram

 beaches in india with blue water Located in the Rameshwaram district of Tamil Nadu, Dhanushkodi beach will leave you in awe and wonder. Many tourists might skip this town but avid travellers will make their way to get here. This town is not easily accessible; to reach, one has to board a train which crosses the iconic Pamban Bridge, make way through the scenic Palk Strait, and after a bumpy ride on a  4x4 vehicle, you will finally reach your desired destination. The view of this clean, less-touristy beach is surreal. Best beaches in India Another highlight of Dhanushkodi is its 'Ghost Town'. Once a thriving port during the British era, this town now stands completely ruined and deserted, all due to the cyclone that hit it in 1964. Since then, this town now serves photography enthusiasts and history lovers. Dhanushkodi beach also holds a special place in Indian mythology. The Ram Setu or the bridge was made using stones by Lord Hanuman (Hindu God) and his army to cross over to Sri Lanka to release Sita (wife of Lord Rama) from the captivity of Ravana. The remains of this bridge can be seen even till today. To add, Sri Lanka is only 31 km away from this town.

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5. Laxmanpur Beach, Andaman 

best south indian beaches One of the most stunning beaches of Neil Island, Laxmanpur Beach will leave you awestruck. Much bigger and quieter than other beaches in the vicinity, this beach is a paradise for those who want to escape the noisy tourists and is perfect for honeymooners. Great for sunbathing, swimming, and snorkeling - this beach is best to visit between December and May. Corals and shells can be seen scattered all over the beach and the sea bed, making ideal souvenirs to carry back home.

6. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

kovalam beaches india Out of the three crescent shaped adjacent beaches of Kovalam, Lighthouse beach has garnered some reputation for itself. Serene and insanely stunning, the beach is known for its ayurveda and yoga centers. A few kilometers away from the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, the sun never goes down on this beach. The light house is the main attraction; after climbing its 142 steps, the view from the top is breath-taking. Swimming, parasailing, surfing, and paragliding are a few of the adventure activities that keep tourists engaged in this beach town of Kerala. 

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7. Kaup Beach, Karnataka

indian beach 12 km south of Udupi, Kaup is a blissful destination to spend your holidays. The small town has a beautiful beach, a light house, and a ruined fort. The 100-feet-high light house is open only in the evenings, between 4 to 6 pm, so make it here on time. The Kaup beach is tranquil with white sand and palm-fringed shores; you are in for a luck if you happen to spot dolphins near the shoreline! The best months to visit are between October and December, when the temperature is pleasant.
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