7 Most Exciting Festivals & Events happening in March 2019!

7 Most Exciting Festivals & Events happening in March 2019!


With spring season right around the corner, March proves to be the best month to travel. More so because the month sees a lot of festivals and events being hosted across the globe. With so much happening in March, if at all it had a tagline, it would be “Life is a party”!!

Ranging from funky fests to sporty events, want to join this epic party? Then here’s a list of the most exciting festivals and events happening in March, just for you.

1. Moomba Festival, Melbourne, Australia

When: 8th March to 11th March, 2019

Celebrated since 1955 and presented by the City of Melbourne, the Moomba Festival is Australia’s biggest community festival. Performers, live music, artists, workshops, parades, carnival, games, watersports, fireworks display every night… The Moomba festival has all the ingredients of an epic festival! The best part? It’s freeeee! What more could you ask for? Just book your hotels and travel tickets and leave for the land down under!

2. Head of the River Race, London, England

When: 30th March, 2019

Founded by oarsman Steve Fairbairn, the first ever Head of the River Race took place in the year 1926. Back then, it was held just to encourage rowing enthusiasts to practice during the winter season. Today, this event receives hundreds of entries from crews (rowing teams) spread all over the world. If you wish to witness this sporty spectacle, head over to the banks of the river Thames on the morning of 30th March; don’t forget to pack a picnic brunch!

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3. Holi, India

When: 21st March

Celebrated pan India, this vibrant festival of colors that celebrates the arrival of spring is not for people suffering from chromophobia! A two-day affair, Holi festivities begin on Holi eve; a huge bonfire is lit as a symbolic representation of burning all things bad. The day that follows is the actual festival of colors, which attracts throngs of visitors. In case you are planning on visiting India during Holi, know that each region celebrates it differently! For example, in Udaipur, a massive community bonfire is lit on the grounds of the City Palace on Holi eve. In Vrindavan, flower petals are used instead of colors.

4. Cherry Blossom Season, Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan

When: Mid-March, 2019

Google ‘Cherry Blossom Season in Japan’ and you will get hundreds of articles and thousands of images related to it. And why not? The Cherry Blossom season in Japan ushers in the spring season is indeed worth all the hype. Generally, the Japan Meteorological Corporation releases a Cherry Blossom forecast every year. And according to this forecast, Tokyo is going to witness this pink heaven from March 23rd of this year. Now that you know the dates, why wait till the last minute to book your vacation? Plan it here and come back with beautiful memories.

5. Vancouver Fashion Week, Canada

When: 18th March to 24th March, 2019

This event is specially for all the fashionistas out there! Did you know that the Vancouver Fashion Week is the second largest fashion week in North America? Now that’s only one of the many reasons to visit this chic fashion extravaganza. With promising new designers as well as popular labels, the Vancouver Fashion Week has been celebrating raw talent in fashion since the past 32 seasons. A fashionably good reason to plan a trip to Canada!

6. Bali Spirit Festival, Indonesia

When: 24th March to 31st March, 2019

Not someone who likes blaring loud music, sweaty crowded places and carnivals? Prefer tranquility and mental peace? Then the Bali Spirit Festival is where you should be in March. A mixture of yoga, peaceful meditation, soulful songs, rhythmic dances and healing modalities, the Bali Spirit Festival also showcases traditional Balinese performances.

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7. St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ireland

When: 17th March, 2019

Despite some debauchery attached to it in many parts of the world, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a fun, family-friendly celebration. Of course, revelry is there, but it’s all inclusive and focuses more on creative exploration than exploitation. Celebrating the life and marking the death of Ireland’s fifth-century bishop, this day also witnesses the St. Paddy’s day parade in Dublin.

Hope you have fun celebrating your way through March!

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