Natural pools
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Regular swimming pools are boring, but you are not! Give your conventional, artificial swimming pools a miss, and take a dip in the stunning natural pools mentioned below. Seemingly plucked out from a fairytale plot, or rather, resembling a chunk of paradise, these exotic, hidden pools are the real deal – refreshing, chemical-free, adventurous, natural, and intoxicatingly scenic!

Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

A gaping sinkhole hidden about 85 feet below the ground, Ik Kil Cenote, in Mexico, is without an iota of doubt, one of the most beautiful swimming spots in the world. Get entranced by the long, descending vines, the blue water, and a fascinating stairway carved into the limestone rock, leading to the pool.

To Sua Trench, Samoa

To Sua Trench, Samoa

The To Sua Trench in Samoa – these are probably the kind of pools they make in paradise! Located close to Lotofaga village in Samoa, the To Sua Trench Ocean Trench is a big hole that doubles up as a natural swimming pool. You have to descend almost 100 feet down via a thin ladder, until you can finally savour a heavenly dip in this idyllic pool.

Grotta della Poesia, Italy

Set along the azure Adriatic Sea, Grotta della Poesia is a stunning natural pool hidden amidst the rocky outcrops jutting out from the coast. Dating back to the Bronze Age, this amazing pool comprises of two turquoise karst sinkholes, said to be have been formed eons ago, due to the collapse of caverns.

Playa del Amor, Mexico

Marieta Islands, an archipelago believed to have been formed centuries ago, is home to one of the most magical swimming spots – Playa del Amor, or “Hidden Beach”. Invisible from the outside, you’ll probably walk past this open massive pit, if it wasn’t for the sound of the waves gurgling below. This beach can only be accessed via a long water tunnel by either kayaking or swimming.

Gulpiyuri, Spain

Gulpiyuri, Spain

So you’re walking along a lush meadow in Llanes, Spain, and bam, right in the middle of the meadow, you’ll find yourself staring at one of the most amazing hidden beaches in the world! This beach is in fact, a flooded, tidal sinkhole that is fed water by a series of underground tunnels. This hidden beach-cum-natural sinkhole, is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imagined!

Giola, Greece

Giola, Thassos, Greece

Thassos in Greece is a breathtakingly beautiful island, but what actually wins the cake for this island, is a natural lagoon called Giola. Coveted as one of the most natural swimming pools in the world, Giola is a natural pool carved into the rocks, overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea. Leap into the paradise as you dive from the 8-metre-high ground into the blue-green pool.

Fairy Pools, Scotland

Fairy Pools, Scotland Fairy Pools, Scotland

Luring visitors from all over the planet, the beautiful Fairy Pools located in Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye, Scotland; are a series of natural pools caused by water cascading down the Cuillin Mountains. These cold, crystal-clear pools, set against the backdrop of the dramatic Scottish peaks, are a sight you can’t afford to miss – not in this lifetime at least.