7 Reasons to Travel To Germany This Summer

7 Reasons to Travel To Germany This Summer


Germany welcomes international travellers with its gorgeous countryside, world-class museums and delicious food. Visiting this land is idyllic in summers. Enjoy the long, sunny days and warm evenings then. Festivals are in full swing for fun-seekers! Here are some of the reasons to travel to Germany in summers.

1. The weather is great for hiking

Germany park
Nationalpark Berchtesgadener Land, Bavaria

When I visited Germany for the first time, I stayed in Freiburg im Breisgau – a Bavarian town known for picturesque brooks and temperate climate. I was simply surprised and enchanted with my hiking experience in the Black Forest Mountains. The gentle rolling hills, dark wooded groves, pastures dotted with sheep and crumbling stone walls give an impression that you’ve hiked right into a fairyland. Summer is a great time to explore such destinations.

2. Summer Festivals

river Rhine
Rhine in Flames Festival

Many outdoor festivals begin in the summer season. In July and August, nearly every German city organizes a festival featuring rides, open-air live music concerts, fireworks, food and drink options. Participate in them to learn about the local traditions and customs.

From Berlin’s Carnival of Cultures to Rhine’s Rhine in Flames and to Hamburg’s Elbjazz Festival – Germany will not let you down!

3. Enjoy a cold beverage in an outdoor patio

Germany outdoor

After wandering in the medieval German town’s cobblestone streets, or hiking through a countryside – nothing tastes better than a cold beer on a sunny outdoor patio. The German beer production here adheres to the traditional purity laws. This beer is of superb quality and tastes scrumptious. Drinking is legally permitted in public areas. Try the country’s popular summer drink called ‘Radler’, an awesome mix of beer and a fruity soda based on orange, lemon or grapefruit.

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4. It’s time for a river cruise

Rhine Cruise

Go for a river cruise! This is a fantastic way to travel through Germany. You won’t have to pack your bags frequently to move to a new place. Your room travels with you. Plus, moving at a slow pace, you can admire the beautiful scenery around you.

There are numerous scenic cruises that will take you down the Rhine, Danube, Moselle or Elbe. Each river reveals a different attribute of the nation. For instance, if you travel down the Rhine you can observe spectacular castles and quaint villages. The Mosel River takes you through lush vineyards and Alpine valleys.

Or, if you don’t want to take a multi-day cruise you can simply hop on a city boat tour scheduled for an hour or two. Most German cities with a river flowing through them offer boat tours giving you diverse perspectives on local landmarks. Beer is often served as well.

Looking for more reasons to travel to Germany? Keeping reading then. 

5. Berlin in summers

Germany Berlin

I absolutely loved Berlin, one of the coolest cities in Europe. Visiting Lee I spent hours walking around it, checking out the street art, admiring the historical buildings and visiting the cool bars and cafes.

I truly believe Berlin is at it’s best in summers. Locals celebrate the end of winters and hang out in parks playing music and soaking up the sunshine. It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

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6. Attend the ‘Long Night of Museums’

Museum Island
Museum Island

If you like to step into art museums, you’ll be thrilled by the ‘Long Night of Museums’. In the month of August, seventy-seven participating museums of the capital stay open past midnight exclusively for art enthusiasts. There are shuttle buses available on different routes for reaching the hotspots. The Long Night of Museums features special performances, workshops and exhibitions and serve drinks and snacks.

7. Movie at an outdoor cinema

Park in Germany
Herz-Jesu Church in Frieburg im Breisgau

Watch a film at an outdoor cinema, a fantastic way to spend a warm summer night. Berlin is known for setting up many great outdoor cinemas in the summer season. Take someone special with you and cuddle up under the starry sky while watching a romantic classic or a hot new release.

Why don’t you plan a summer trip to Germany?

I adored Germany and would highly recommend visiting it. During the hot season, soak up the sunshine and celebrate the lively vibe of the German summer. You’ll want to come back again and again!

Kelly Dunning is an experienced travel blogger who works on the go and writes her experience for everyone to read and know.

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