7 Types of Co-Passengers You Dread Flying with…

7 Types of Co-Passengers You Dread Flying with…

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‘It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey’, said a wise man once. Either his patience levels were extraordinary or he only travelled alone. Nothing else explains this solemn phrase especially when the world is full of eccentric people who give two hoots about their co-travellers. For them it’s all about their comfort, others be damned. Here is a list of douchebags, we often encounter while travelling, and nope I haven’t found a remedy yet on how to tackle them: just grin and bear, may be!


can't stop talking!

‘Oh! Even you are going to Miami, nice’ it all begins with this humble sentence, and before you realise you are dragged into a conversation where you are listening to ‘how their great-aunt threw a fit on her birthday because of the number of candles lit’. We all have to, at some point of our travelling lives, bear a chatty person who just wouldn’t get the hint! Trying to read a book or faking a nap, nothing stops these over-enthusiastic creatures!

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Rear seat-kicker

Rear seat-kicker

If there is anyone, who is more annoying than a constant yapper on flight, it is that one person who wouldn’t stop playing footsie with the seat. They will fiddle, toss and turn uncomfortably, or simply shake their legs so vigorously that it ends up disturbing the person sitting in front.

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Parents who couldn’t care less


Ever thought what an endless journey feels like? Try sitting next to a cranky kid or an overenthusiastic toddler! If you are not perturbed by their inquisitiveness, that loud wail for nothing will surely make you tear your hair in frustration! And no, the frustration is not towards this sweet (?) cutesy creatures, but their parents who are completely unaffected by the whole hullabaloo!

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Aromatic passengers

Aromatic passengers

While half of the world is battling with water crises, boarding a flight (no matter how short!) un-showered, isn’t the right way of ‘doing your bit’. If you don’t believe us, ask your poor co-passengers who suffocate under your ‘aromatic’ presence! Have mercy on the mankind, pretty please!

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Mad Bladder

I need to pee

I, once travelled with a female who possibly had ‘smallest bladder’ on the planet. Yep! I am not exaggerating. She literally used to have a millilitre of water, and immediately rush to the toilet to empty it. In a seating of three of people, she had the remotest seat, and wouldn’t want to exchange it given her ‘condition’, why you ask? It was a window seat.

The Armrest hogger

This armrest is mine and that too!

Then there are ones who think when they buy the air-ticket they have actually bought the aircraft. Wait until they shove their luggage in the best available space and then they make themselves comfortable resting both of their mighty arms on armrest, both, theirs and others’! I mean dude, do you mind?

The Passive Aggressive complainer

nothing is right!

The frown on their face usually gives away their type! They are the ones who probably came to earth to criticise about it. The moment they set their feet in the aircraft they will find something to complain about. The cleanliness, the timeliness, the temperature (too hot too cold), food, the co-passengers there is nothing on board they like. Who knows they are just jotting mental notes to blog about them later. Oh wait!

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